Best midfielders in Europe

After all that hype the big game of the weekend was a letdown. Both teams cancelled each other for the most part. It was another boring away performance from Mourinho. After watching the Liverpool Man Utd snoozefest most people looked towards Mourinho as the reason to why millions of fans around the world were twiddling there thumbs more interested in snacks rather the game. Liverpool made an effort but lacked a bit of quality and luck at certain points. United may not have had the boldest tactics but the most apparent thing to see was how poor the play was in midfield. Herrera and Matic were hard working and defensively aware but didn’t provide any service for Lukaku or Martial. Lukaku had the fewest touches of anyone on both teams which always means that he was most likely isolated upfront. If Pogba was fit this may have been a different story however the same type of performance was displayed last season. This was further highlighted by the performance of De Bruyne who had one of the best individual performances this year. He made 3 passes that were unreal, the precision and speed of his passes were laser focused. With the return of the Champions League it had me thinking about the best midfielders in Europe. These midfielders can dictate the pace of a game in any squad. In the new Guardiola system De Bruyne has been playing deeper and started the attacks. He would’ve been included on the list but his normal position in is an attacker.

Honourable mentions – Casemeiro, Pjanic, Iniesta, Pogba, Busquets

5. Veratti

At only 24 years old he still has a lot to improve on but he is already a top player. Now that Matuidi is gone he has become the main man in the middle supplying the ammo for PSG’s front three. He has been class this season and has had big performances on the Champions League. His skills and football intelligence have led to comparisons with Pirlo which he has acknowledged himself. With the quality of the team right now he has the opportunity take the domestic title back and challenge in Europe. If he does that and helps his country next summer (assuming they make it past the playoffs) he will be recognised as one of the great players in the world.

4. Kante

What else is there to say? 70% of the world is covered by water the rest by Kante. These sort of statements by fans credit and undermine his actual ability on the ball. To win the league with two different clubs in consecutive seasons shows the quality he brings to teams. On the ball he is also underrated, he can run with the ball and passes the ball forward which is something most holding midfielders don’t do. He is also a main starter for the national team which is saying something when you look at the depth of their talent.

3.  Vidal

He hasn’t had a positive last couple of weeks but he is a proven winner and a world class player. An all action midfielder that has everything to his game and is a great leader. Now in his early 30s he is the more senior player in the midfield but his quality on the ball and running provides space for attackers to create chances. Last season in the Champions League he was unlucky missing the penalty and being sent off, sometimes you wonder why United were so hesitant to buy him 3 years ago.

2.  Modric

When he joined Madrid from Spurs most people understood his quality but didn’t expect him to be so instrumental in their success. With Casemeiro in the midfield they now have the perfect balance to play alongside Kroos. With those two you have two quarterbacks in the team. Last season was probably the best in his career winning the double, he was a leader in the team and in the Champions League final after a difficult first half he was incredible. The only criticism of his game is that for all his quality he doesn’t score enough goals.

1. Kroos

Has anyone had a better 5 year trophy run as a player. Since 2012 he has won 3 league titles, 3 Champions leagues and a World cup among other trophies. If you are to describe his skill set you would say he is a more athletic Schweinsteiger with even better technical ability. He is still only 27 years old and has the opportunity now to become one of the all time great midfielders in Europe at arguably the biggest club in the world. With him and Modric in midfield for the first time in recent memory they go into El Classico with a better midfield which was exemplified in the Supercopa a couple of months ago when they was dominant.

What do you think of this list? Who do you think is the best midfielder right now?

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Liverpool v Man Utd preview – United’s acid test

Top of the league. Top of their Champions League group. Big signings are performing, goals are being gobbled up and a water tight defence. It has been so far so good for the red devils, this weekend provides the first real test of the season for a team that still has been doubted by pundits.

City had an impressive away win at Chelsea and thrashed Liverpool at home. Chelsea also won at Wembley. It’s time for Mourinho and co to provide a big performance away at their biggest foes. Last season they only registered 1 goal away from home against the other top 6 teams. This fixture last season was very disappointing at Anfield, at around the same point last season the big build up led to a drab game. With the form & confidence the team has right now they should be going to Anfield smelling blood. With Fellaini being out injured, reverting back to the 3-5-2 formation which worked so well against CSKA Moscow would be the most suitable option. Lukaku and Martial were devastating together, being supported by Mkhytaryan. Whether it is Martial or Rashford playing with Lukaku it is important that he is supported and that people are running behind him. The Super Cup provided a little insight into how the team may play against the bigger teams. 

As well as Mourinho, Lukaku has also had a successful start to the season being overshadowed due to the opposition quality. At his previous clubs he doesn’t have the best record against the top 6 teams but this is his perfect opportunity to assert hinself into the conversation of the best striker in the league. Martial and Rashford should have great opportunities to attack the full backs and create opportunities for Lukaku.

Klopp on the other side hasn’t had the best of luck recently. Mane is out for reportedly 6 weeks, and they still have problems at the back. To the fans it must seem like every shot on target is going in. The recent draws against Spartak Moscow and Burnley have left them frustrated as to why the same problems exist. It’s been 2 years since Klopp joined the club and it looks like they are only marginally better for his duration. If United are to defend deep and play on the counter attack they will need Coutinho in top form to unlock this defence. He will be the player who can dribble and create space for Firmino and Salah with Mane being injured. Firmino’s goal return has slowed down and they will need him to keep Bailly & Jones occupied. If they do their part of the job all will come down to Liverpool’s less than desirable centre back pairing. They have cost the team points domestically and in the Champions League all season, if they don’t keep their focus on Saturday they won’t have a chance. 

If United were to win it would get rid of the doubts in fans head that this great start was all down to an easy schedule. A clinical counter attacking performance seems to be the most obvious tactic which will be used. No Pogba in midfield means that there isn’t a creative centre midfielder, the onus will now be on Lukaku to deliver. For Liverpool this would be a huge win and boost for the confidence of the team. They would need this going into the game against Spurs, after these two games it will be clear where the future of the season lies for them.

Prediction 2 – 1 Man Utd win

Who do you think will win ? Are Liverpool better now then under Rodgers ?

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Grading the top Premier League strikers

Last week was a great weekend for English teams in the Premier League. Its been a while but it feels like theu are going to be a threat for the first time in 5 years. Having managers like Conte, Guardiola and Mourinho will definetly see an improvement in performances from the English teams. The great managers at the top of the league now have strong squads  that are playing really well. Chelsea were impressive becoming the first English team to win away at Atletico. Man Utd crushed CSKA Moscow in Russia, Tottenham won easily in Cyprus and Man City had a comfortable home win against Shakhtar. Liverpool were the only team to drop points last week. One of they key factors which Liverpool fans think have contributed to dropped points this season along with poor defending is the amount of missed chances from there forward line. Liverpool don’t have a striker who will score 25 league goals, they have quality attacker who will score 10-17 each. The other teams however have top strikers who will do that this season. Lukaku, Aguero, Jesus, Kane and Morata are starting and scoring regularly this season. A lot of arguments have been made on who is the best right now. Here is my own list out of the five on who is the best.

5. Jesus

As the youngest of the group right now he isn’t the guaranteed first choice striker for the club yet but his skill and finishing is impressive. 11 goals in 16 games is a great start to his career in England and it looks like he has everything to his game and Guardiola loves him. He is developing a partnership with Aguero but it looks like he will be solo upfront for the foreseeable future after his accident in Amsterdam.

4. Lukaku

Lukaku has started his new season on fire but still doesn’t get the hype he should. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have the all around game like others or most of his goals are viewed as simple goals. If this was the case everybody would be doing it, 11 goals in 10 games is a great start. When he was starting out everybody thought he would be like Drogba but the more he matures it is clear to see that they have different styles. Lukaku is a poacher and Jamie Carragher made a smart comparison to Andy Cole and van Nistelrooy which makes a lot of sense when you look at where he touches the ball on the pitch and his movement.

3. Morata

After a slow start in pre-season and their first game, Chelsea are back in their groove and that is thanks in large part to the form of Morata. He scored the winner against Atletico as the former Chelsea striker was watching in the stands. People doubted how good he is as he has never been a regular at previous clubs. However the quality is obvious to see, and his finishing with his head has been deadly. It looks like Chelsea have a potentially great striker for club and country.

2. Aguero

Before the season started he would’ve been first as he has been so good consistently. Under Guardiola he has had some difficult moments but he has come through and developed a partnership with Jesus. With all the creative midfielders behind them both strikers are going to score a bag of goals this season. They have already scored over 4 goals three times this season. 

1. Kane

It’s mad that he never scores in August. 13 goals in a month is entering stupid stays alongside Messi and Ronaldo. Consecutive golden boots and on course for number 3, he is proving every week how good he is. Maybe its because of how he looks and the facy he came in to the team later than others, many people have doubted how good he is but the numbers don’t lie. At the moment he is the hottest striker in the world and if he continues in this form into the World Cup it will be very hard for Spurs to keep him if they don’t win trophies.

What do you think of the list…

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Martial or Rashford? Future superstars 

It’s a question that many United fans have been debating. Two of the most exciting young players in Europe. The cold blooded assassin from the suburbs of Paris and the home grown prodigy. Both have similar skill sets but different approaches to the game. Martial is quiet, calm, stone faced player but his skill on the ball is the complete opposite. Rashford has a confident demeanour about him where nothing seems to fade him even when things aren’t going his way. This was exemplified when he was on international duty at the start of the month against Slovakia. After being responsible for letting his man go to score, he was inexplicably booed by the fans. This didn’t affect him though and he produced a goal and assist as England recovered to win the game. Both made their debuts under van Gaal as relative unknowns. Martial was signed as an unknown name in England and was reported to have been massively overpriced by The Sun. This has ironically become part of fans chant about him. His debut goal however against Liverpool was memorable and has become a fan favourite. Coincidentally his injury before the Europa League game against Midjtylland gave Rashford his debut where he scored. He then scored twice on his first league game against Arsenal. Since then he has scored in his debut for the Manchester derby, England and Champions League.

Both have bright futures for club and country but who has the potential to be the better player ?

Skill set

United are incredibly lucky to have both players together. It’s rare to have players with this type of skill set at such a young age. Both players have incredible pace and link up play as shown when in their debut season they played up front together against Man City and ran them rugged. Rashford is more of a central striker that can play out wide where as Martial is the opposite. At 6ft 1 Rashford has the size to play a target man and has demonstrated good hold up play. Last season at home against Chelsea he played upfront on his own and had a man of the match performance. Martial stands out due to his close control and dribbling skills which are mesmeric. Standing out on the left hand side these skills have allowed him to make some big performances in his 2 previous seasons. Overall they’re skill set is equal but one area where Martial stands out from Rashford is his finishing. When he cuts in on that right foot the precision in his shot is like a laser. This seems like a skill Rashford needs to work on, last season finishing was a big problem at the club.

Rashford 9/10

Martial 9.5/10


Although Man Utd haven’t been at their best in the past 4 years, to be regulars in the team and score on their debuts demonstrates that both players have the right mentality to be world class players. As mentioned earlier both players have different approaches on the pitch to the game. Rashford seems so confident and unfazed on the pitch that managers don’t seem fussed about playing him in big games. Mourinho stated after a pre season friendly that he is a great professional and has a great attitude. Dwight Yorke also claimed that he’s concerned with him as he was in the gym working so hard this summer. These sorts of stories were being said about Ronaldo when he was at the club which can only serve as positive for fans.

Martial started his career on fire but went through periods where he didn’t look confident or disinterested. This may be due to off field issues and not playing as much under Mourinho compared to van Gaal. However he has started the season well and seems to have improved from last season.

Rashford 10/10

Martial 8.5/10

Comparison to past players

A right footed Frenchman with pace and goalscoring ability that plays on the wing or upfront. Two names immediately spring to mind Henry & Anelka. Louis Saha claimed on MUTV that he is as good as Henry at 20 years old. His dribbling style however is reminiscent of a young Anelka. While Henry opens his legs and glides when he runs with the ball Martial takes little touches on the ball and keeps the ball glued to his feet. Anelka had a good career but it could’ve been as good as Henry’s had he not been in controversial situations. Martial has the potential to be as good as both.

With all his physical attributes, skills and performances at a young age, his career seems reminiscent of Kluivert. He was a great player for Ajax and Barcelona and scored so many goals at international level.

If both Martial and Rashford are to reach their potential the club will have a great attack set up for the next 10 years alongside Lukaku. Both have more potential to their game than Lukaku so in the next couple of seasons should be looking to become the main players winning titles for the club.

Who would you pick out of the two? Who do you think is the best player under 21?

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0 points and no Zaha – Hodgson’s biggest challenge

It was suppose to be a smooth transition and a cultural shift for Crystal Palace. A team on the outskirts of London with a throwback feel to it. A small stadium with lower league feel to it when you look at the pitch and the design of the stadium. In comparison to the other London clubs, it doesn’t have the attractiveness or European recognition to it. Chelsea and Arsenal are world renowned clubs recording billions in turnover and West Ham have recently moved into the Olympic stadium which in the long term will benefit them. Tottenham have now become a consistent top 4 contender and will move into a new world class stadium.

Frank de Boer was suppose to symbolise the evolution of the club. From DVD’s to Netflix, black cabs to Uber. The same service but modernised to be more user friendly and time convenient. The Pochettino blueprint has become the most attractive formula to apply for owners as it looks to supplement predictable midtable finishes with football played “the right way”. Pochettino’s strong relationship with modern day players and approach to training has made him a favourite with fans and pundits from his days at Southampton. An ex Barcelona player, the second most capped outfield player in the history of the famous Orange nation should be perfect. A product of the famous Ajax academy who at the time produced other world famous players such as Kluivert, Davids and Overmars. His short reign at Inter Milan overshadows the four Eredivise titles won between 2010 – 2014. Surely they knew how he wanted to play and that was the reason they chose him from so many candidates. 

However Steve Parish and others at the club didnt believe that the project was going to be successful. In the four seasons that they have returned to the Premier League, every season has been about just making it through. This culture has been successfully embedded in by managers such as Tony Pulis and Sam Allardyce. That core group of players like McCarthur, Puncheon, Hennsessey and Dann have fought against the odds to see Palace retain the Premier League badge on their sleeve. Moving from that mentality to a new era at Palace was going to take time, investment and faith. None of which was given to him. He was given four games and made two permanent signings were made, Riedewald from Ajax and Sakho from Liverpool. That’s hardly backing the new manager.

The new direction they were heading in has been scrapped and they have taken a 180 degree back to their comfort zone. Pulis and Allardyce were the 999 call made by the club to save them from being dumped out of the league and they are hoping that this call is on time and ready for action. All three managers have similar football philosophies but are thin skinned to their perceived style of play. It’s no coincidence that they managed the club considering their reputations as relegation savers. 

0 goals and 0 wins in the opening 5 games is a new record so the odds are stacked against them. Both Hodgson and the club have history of great escapes in the Premier League. Playing on the counter attack with Zaha and Puncheon feeding Benteke has been proven to be the best suitable style. Hodgson has a lot to prove to the public after the England farce, a lot of questionable decisions were made that exposed him as a coach. At Palace the expectations and size of club should suit him more compared to previous jobs at England and Liverpool. At 70 years old you can’t call him a coach for the long term. If they are to survive this season they will face the same questions as they did this summer. Will they go through the growing pains to expand as a club? or will they continue to hire managers that put out fires every season until they go down? Only time will tell. 

Champions League preview – English teams 

A month into the new season and the end of transfer window signals the start of midweek competitions. This week is the start of the Champions League group stage. Real Madrid made history by being the first team to retain the trophy in the Champions League era. PSG have had a big summer and the manager knows that a trip to the semi finals at worst is expected. For the first time in over 20 years Arsenal wont be in the competition which will be weird to see. This season will be unique as the English teams will be represented with 5 teams as Man Utd won the Europa League. There hasn’t been great success in recent times, the quality of the Premier League has affected the performances in Europe. Poor defending and bad coaching have led to a few beatings in Europe but with the quality of managers that have come in more should be expected this season. Below some predictions have been made on how far the English teams are likely to get to. 


After a slow start Chelsea have recovered well in the league and are looking dangerous again. Morata looks class and Bakayoko looks like an upgrade on Matic, they look like a more athletic team. To get out of their group they will have to be at their best. Atletico are an experienced team who regularly get to the semi-finals and won their group last season over Bayern Munich. Roma are also a decent Italian team but in the Champions League have struggled while Qarabag are newcomers. Chelsea should expect to get out of the group and maybe win the group. The only thing missing to make them a top european team is another world class centre back, Cahil and David Luiz at times can be rash in making decisions. Although they weren’t in it last year they have experienced players who have done well in previous years so they shouldn’t struggle to adapt. 

Group Prediction – 2nd behind Atletico 

Overall – quarter final 


Last year in the Champions League was a disappointment for Spurs, at home they struggled which cost them advancing in the group. Monaco surprised everyone by winning the group and Leverkusen had a bit more experience then them. This season they haven’t won at Wembley which was a problem for them last season in Europe. They are unlucky with the group they have been given, Madrid are clearly the best team in Europe and will win the group. Dortmund are also a very good team but if Spurs are too compete with the best teams in Europe they should be aiming to be on par with teams like Dortmund who have a similar budget. If they don’t get over their home form they will be back in the Europa League with Arsenal.

Prediction – 3rd

Man City

Last season was a disappointment for Pep domestically and in Europe. The highlight was beating Barcelona at home with a great performance but they conceded 6 goals to Monaco which was shocking. This season with the money invested they should be looking to make the semi finals at the minimum. At the back they still look vulnerable especially without Kompany, they were lucky against Liverpool in the last game because Otamendi was struggling against Salah. The group they have been given is strong but they should win the group. Napoli are a really good team that score a lot of goals and Shakhtar are an experienced team that always perform well. Feyenoord are Dutch champions but are probably the weakest in the group. City and Napoli will likely compete for the winners position. 

Group Prediction – 1st

Overall – Quarter final 


After a difficult weekend Liverpool have an opportunity to bounce back in their return to the Champions League. Up until the sending off they were in control against City. A previous post was written up on what a successful summer they have had in adding players and keeping their best player. They have been given a favourable draw where they should be favourites alongside Sevilla. Spartak Moscow will be a difficult trip and Maribor are an unknown at this level. With the quality they have in their team they should qualify and look to top the group. 

Group Prediction – 1st 

Overall – Last 16

Man Utd

Mourinho probably couldn’t have picked an easier group for his team. Benfica were the pot 1 team to be picked which isn’t the worst team to get when you look at the other options. They will the be the main rival in the group while Basel have always caused problems for English teams in the past, they knocked out United in 2011. United should win the group with their quality, the only concern will be suspension at centre back which mean Smelling and Lindelof will be starting for the first time this season. However this team should be looking at making the quarter final at least.

Group Prediction – 1st 

Overall – Quarter final

Who do you think will make it the furthest from the English teams? 

Who do you think will win the tournament?

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Man City v Liverpool preview – Liverpool’s impressive summer 

The Premier League is back after the international break! The England borefest is over for another month and the transfer window is finally over. It feels like the real Premier League season is starting, its starting to get cold and kids are bsck at school. The early kick off is the most exciting so far in this early season. Liverpool’s last game against Arsenal was very impressive, Klopp’s style of play being implemented straight from his Dortmund days was great to watch. Pressing Arsenal midfielders high up and counter attacking with pace on the wings, reminded me off how Dortmund played when they beat Real Madrid 4-1 they embarrassed Arsenal which was predictable. 

They now enter the weekend with two new players Chamberlain and Coutinho. Coutinho recovered from his alleged back injury and didn’t move to Barcelona so if he comes back with the right state of mind Liverpool are a much better team. The announcement that Naby Keita will be joining next summer is also big news with how many other teams wanted to sign him. Now comes the big test as they enter the biggest game of the season with a Champions League game in midweek. This is the opportunity to show their fans and the league that they can be title contenders.

City didn’t sign Alexis Sanchez or Evans but they did more than enough transfers to have no excuses about the strength of the squad. Now is the time for Guardiola to deliver a big performance and prove that the team have bought into his style. 7 points out of 9 is a decent start but they don’t want to potentially go 5 points behind Manchester United already. The performances so far have been decent at best but they haven’t had the best of luck with suspensions. A worrying issue for fans should be the benching of Aguero. Pep doesn’t seem to find a system which can get the best out of Aguero and Jesus at the same time. Aguero was on the bench for the last game, whilst Jesus scored the equaliser against Bournemouth but the manager needs to get his best player into the team somehow. At the back they have looked slightly better but nothing to be relieved about so far. The money spent on wing backs will be a huge upgrade considering how slow and old Clichy, Sagna and Zabaleta were.

The Liverpool front three will provide a real test for a team that has been shaky at the back. Firmino has started this season off on fire, he has proven that he can play the number 9 role. Salah looks like he will provide goals from the right wing with his runs in behind and Mane looks like one of the best players in the league. 3 goals in 3 games, his improvement from his days in Southampton have been impressive, he was very hot and cold but is now a more polished player which should be credited to Klopp. When he was signed many people looked at the price and questioned his quality but with the current market as it is the price is a bargain. This freedom given to the front three was provided by the hard-working trio of Henderson, Can and Wijnaldum who will have a big job to do against De Bruyne, Silva and co.

The key to this game will be both teams defence. The 3-3 game against Watford proved that Liverpool’s weakness especially from set plays has still not been solved. This area may not be tested as much with City but they still have some big players that are dangerous from corners such as Kompany, Mendy and Otamendi. Liverpool still haven’t fixed their longstanding goalkeeper problem over the summer, Karius looked shaky in the few moments he had against Arsenal and Mignolet isn’t the answer. City’s new fullbacks in particular will be tested by Mane and Salah, they will have to be alert to the runs in behind them which are difficult to mark.

 Logic says that this will be a high scoring game but Liverpool have a good record against the top 6 under Klopp. Since he took the job they have the best win percentage between the top 6 teams in head to heads. Out of 19 games have taken 36 points which is more than Chelsea in second place (27 points). If they manage to come out of the game undefeated the fans should be excited about the future with a talented team that over the summer managed to take a player from their rival and fended of interest from Coutinho.

What is your score prediction? What are your thoughts on the post?  Leave a comment below ….

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Best defenders in the league

The first couple of weeks in the Premier League have been entertaining, drama filled and goal mad. It’s been exactly what we missed watching every weekend during the summer. The first game had two goals in the first 15 minutes and finished 3-2, the second game finished 3-3 between Liverpool and Watford. A lot of people have noticed this and find this as a part of the drama and most of people have said this is down to poor defending. 

Watching the Liverpool game against Arsenal was a showcase of how bad it can be at times. The Salah goal where Bellerin didn’t clear the ball first time was comical, the first goal where Ramsey was arguing with the bench during the goal was stupid. Even Liverpool who weren’t really tested in the game had some nervous moments in particular their keeper. I think this side of the game hasn’t been focused on a lot because of the excitement the attackers bring to the game, but you can’t win trophies with a bad defence. City have bought a completely new defence nearly every year but they still have problems. I have put down a list of the best defenders in the league right now.

5. David Luiz

When Chelsea re-signed him, it had everybody confused as to the thought behind it. They sold him at a huge profit and he didn’t do anything in France that made me think he was worth signing again. But since he returned I think Conte’s has helped him become a leader in the team and given him responsibility which he has responded to very well. He was part of the successful back three last season and this season he has been the same. Against Tottenham away at Wembley he was a beast when they were under a lot of pressure. I think he has changed most people’s opinion on him as a defender in his second spell at Chelsea, Alan Hansen and Gary Neville weren’t big fans of him. He has always been great on the ball and technically excellent which is why most people thought he would be better in midfield but he has become a class centre back.

4. Vincent Kompany

Even though he has been injured for much of the past few seasons, the shambles in City’s defence shows how important Kompany is to the team. When fully fit he is one of the best defenders in the world, without him there is a big gap in leadership in their team as a whole. I have seen him manage the best players on the world when City won titles. If City are to be successful they need to rely on him being fit and healthy.

3. Eric Bailly

Bailly is one of my favourite players and favourite signings in recent years. He’s a fearless defender who puts everything out on the pitch to win. He hasn’t had the best defensive partners because of injuries but now I’m hopeful now that this defence with Jones or Lindelof partnering him can continue this run of clean sheets. I didn’t realise that he is only 23 so he is only going to get better. The only thing I see as a weakness is sometines he can be rash but i think as he gets older he will mature into one of the best defenders in the world.

2. van Dijk

Is he worth £60 million? Based on what the market is at right now 100%. He didn’t get the move he wanted but eventually he will move to a top club in the Champions League. He reminds me a bit of Rio Ferdinand because of how composed he is on the ball as well as his speed. He starts a lot of the Southampton moves from the back moving forward. He is also a leader at the back who organises a defence which was solid in the past few seasons. 

1. Toby Alderweireld

Tottenham had the best defence in the league Last seaaon. The back four had pace, power were well organised by the manager. At the heart of the defence is Vertonghen and Alderweireld who is world class. I can’t believe that nobody else tried to buy him when he was at Atletico. He has everything to be a top centre back and is a leader at the back.  

What do you think of the list? Leave your thought below ….

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Wenger is truly mad right now

As a United fan I don’t know how to write about this. I honestly find what’s happening at Arsenal hilarious but at the same time as a fan of football and a person I don’t like how Arsene Wenger is just looking crazy right now. He has backed some of these players to the point he has looked mad and now the players have given up on him. I wrote last season that he has protected and kept players who have done nothing for about 5 years Walcott, Gibbs, Wilshere, Chamberlain, Chambers, Koscielny etc. They have all in football terms done nothing because of injuries, lack of coaching, overrated ability or a mix of everything and still been given big contracts. After a disappointing season I feel like this is the biggest crisis I’ve seen them in and that they are in big trouble going forward.

They were horrible against Liverpool, it was maybe the worst I’ve ever seen Arsenal play, most of the players look like they didn’t give a shit in that game. Even though nothing has been reported it looks like the players don’t get on and for the first time it looks like Wenger doesn’t have control. Some of the decision making by Wenger in that game was honestly laughable, I’m starting to think Wenger is doing this on purpose because you can’t be that successful and do the things he’s doing. Playing a right back at left back when your newly signed left back who is “FIT” and “Healthy” is on the bench and playing another left back at centre back. Why was Lacazette on the bench? Can someone ask Wenger how he came to this decision? Chamberlain who also played looks like he is going to Liverpool which is funny because Wenger said he is “100% not leaving”. I think the lack of effort and arguing during the game against Liverpool must’ve made Wenger realise that it’s not worth keeping him. The same situation might apply to Sanchez who didn’t have the best attitude as well and has made it pretty obvious that he wants to leave.  It’s so typical that this is all going to happen close to transfer deadline and symbolises the lack of leadership at the club. If they really wanted to do this they should’ve done this on the 1st June and use that money to buy replacements and add extra squad players. That would’ve sent a message that this is a new start but Wenger refused to do this and their net spend is pretty much 0 now that Chamberlain is gone. By the way why was Mustafi about to be sold when the club is short on defenders? 

All of these questions Arsenal fans have and Wenger brushes it off whilst acting like the fans are in the wrong is probably what drives them crazy. His perceived arrogance has led to a broken relationship with the fans and it might’ve ruined his legacy with the fans. I think this has happened because of his relationship with senior management. It is pretty clear that the owners are not bothered about winning and see Arsenal as a cash cow. If Wenger had failed recently at any other big club he would’ve been sacked before he could make an excuse. But being a big club from London in the biggest league in the world with a manager who has guaranteed Champions League revenue is an incentive to keep the manager and stay comfortable. This culture from the top has gone all the way down to the players which is seen in the fact that young players are not reaching their potential and stagnating. 

As we enter the international break the decisions being made show that Arsene Wenger right now has lost the plot. It’s all been building up for a couple of years but now Arsenal look like they are being left behind their rivals. Wenger looks like he has overstayed his welcome, last season was the perfect time to leave after winning the F.A. cup like van Gaal. He hasn’t changed his approach which has left him behind other managers and without any push from management above him it looks like Arsenal are declining as a force. Players like van Persie, Fabregas, Adebayor, and Nasri are evidence that the current culture at the club isn’t right and isn’t designed for being successful. Two of their biggest signings recently Ozil and Sanchez are entering their final year which is amazing. I don’t know a club who have managed to do that nearly every year with their best players, I don’t get it. 

On transfer deadline day they broke another promise by agreeing to sell Sanchez because they allegedly agreed a £92 million fee for Thomas Lamar. I say allegedly because the fact they wanted him all summer but came to the agree a couple hours before the deadline so it couldn’t be completed is a pretty convenient excuse. Everything they do seems half hearted in the transfer market so I find it hard to believe that actually happened.  

Fans now have to find a way to change this. Nothing was done to address key problems the club has. I think the only way to get the attention of the owners is to boycott games. The Kroenke’s don’t attend games and don’t care about football but revenue is still going strong. If for example 25% of the stadium was empty for one game they would take notice and have to say something. The irony is that if Arsenal continue to struggle for a couple of years the revenues will decline compared to the years which they were in the Champions League, the same happened to Man Utd who are a bigger club.

What do you think is going to happen this season with Arsene Wenger ?

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