1 step forward, 2 steps back

When the draw for the last 16 was announced in December this was probably the team Mourinho had in mind. It was also a team that Mourinho hates playing against because all the pressure would be on United. Mourinho is an underdog manager, he revels in having a plan and not playing on the front foot. Honestly speaking they would’ve maybe performed better against a Juve or Bayern. In the two legs against Sevilla that was obvious to see, they had no set way of playing when they have more possession of the ball. On Friday Mourinho went on a 12 minute speech of nothingness like when your friend explains how he lost a fight which you witnessed for yourself. Man Utd were poor, the team looked hesitant and the team has no chemistry.

4 shots on target over 180 mins isn’t good enough for a team with players of the calibre such as Sanchez, Pogba and Lukaku. It would be crazy to say that these players go out there on the pitch to play in the manner they have played in. Missing chances is one thing but not attacking with purpose to get an away goal riles up fans. Sevilla players were probably surprised as to how poor the “biggest team in the world” were at keeping the ball. So when the return leg happened and Fellaini replaced Pogba and McTominay it must send a message to the whole stadium in regards to how the team is approaching the game. With these tactics you live very little room for error, losing with this approach opens yourself to more criticism than other teams.

When looking back on previous teams Mourinho has managed there are a few things which he has always made sure to achieve. A set starting 11 which had a clear identity, a solid defence and winning trophies. This has transcended from his Porto days with Costinha, Deco and Carvalho all the way through to his second spell at Chelsea with Terry, Matic, Hazard and Costa. He is ruthless with his ideas and always constructed a strong squad with players who knew their role in the team. Fast forward to now and it looks like he doesn’t exactly know his best starting 11 which has impacted chemistry in the team. They are second in the table however it’s hard to explain how good they really are, they rely on individual moments and counter attacking to win games which has gotten them to this point but to win the league they need more than that.

So if their isn’t a great football style the one thing Mourinho guarantees over managers who play better football is winning big trophies. 2 Champions Leagues and League titles in 4 different countries is a major achievement. He did well to win two trophies last season however this season they are miles away from competing for the biggest trophies with the investment made. Having Pep in the City provides a what if scenario for United fans when they are playing the best football in the country. If they don’t win a trophy this season and finish second after being knocked out by Sevilla, can this be considered a successful season ?

Through all this the fans have been mixed on Mourinho and his tactics. Some of his substitutions have been booed and tactics produced groans from the stands. This isn’t the life a United fan wants, winning two trophies should see you beloved by fans. But his ideals contradict the club’s, he either doesn’t get it or doesn’t want to. It’s only a matter of time before this experiment is over and a lot of fans are counting down the days already.

Will Mourinho be the manager next season? Can he survive with playing negative football? Are Man Utd a top team?

Leave your thoughts and comments below

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Man Utd v Liverpool preview

Between these two teams since the arrival of the managers there hasn’t been anything to remember. Thank Mourinho for the previous 3 results ending in draws. The games especially at Anfield have drawn a lot of criticism for United’s approach to the game. 1 shot on target doesn’t show a lot of ambition for a team which has the quality of players at their disposal. However at home they have had some good results against rivals.

While it seems like both teams were happy for the draw earlier this season the same won’t be said for this game. The race for the top 4 is still on and both teams have an opportunity to cement second place. Liverpool have so far become with the addition of van Dijk a much more solid, consistent team. That improvement makes them frightening to play against because the attack is so electric. It’s hard to remember a time where a marquee player has been sold and not missed at all. They had the advantage of winning the tie in the first leg so they could rest key players in the second leg. The maturity in the performance comes from the fact they kept a clean sheet at home in a meaningless game against Porto. Previous games would’ve seen a high scoring game even though the tie was finished. The form of the front three is hard to be matched by any team in Europe, the chemistry and movement is impossible to defend against at the moment and nobody will want to play against them in the Champions League. They can finish a game in 15 minutes and that is something which United have to think about after they went 2-0 down against Palace.

The positives to take for United fans from Monday, they showed a lot of heart and desire to make the comeback after a disappointing first half. Mourinho should be happy that his players have shown guts in recovering however they are having problems adapting to their new signing. Sanchez hasn’t looked good and on Monday was giving the ball away under no pressure. With due time he should be a very good addition however it seems they don’t have enough balance in the attack. Add to that the Pogba problem, it’s hard to explain whether it’s because of him and Mourinho. He has complained about playing in a two however when he plays in a midfield three he hasn’t had a lot of impact and influence. The truly great players usually work it out however after nearly two seasons he still hasn’t had a consistent run of top class performances. Can you remember a special Pogba moment in his United career. Behind him the defence is frightening United fans. The top scorer in the league against Smalling and Young just doesn’t seem fair. Shaw has to be picked, he is better than Young in every aspect and can deliver crosses consistently.

Key matchups

If United are to win Matic has to be at the top of his game. He has to help out the defenders who will be chasing the Liverpool front three’s shadows. His confidence should be high after scoring the winner and his first goal for the club. If they managed to limit the service to the Liverpool attack they have done about 60% of the job.

It would be easy to pick Salah out as the key player however in this game where the centre backs for the home team aren’t comfortable on the ball Firmino could have the opportunity to create havoc in their defence. Firmino has been great this season and should be in the running for team of the year. When Spurs played United last month Kane bullied the defence and continually caused mistakes from them which Firmino is more than capable of. If they perform the way they have against Chelsea and Palace Firmino will kill them.

Prediction – Even though United have played poorly they still have Mourinho’s winning mentality in them. At home they have a good record so they should feel like they can win and this is a game which fans won’t allow them to play defensively against. It’s hard to see United losing however Liverpool will definetly score.

Prediction 2-2

Who do you think will win the game? Has Mourinho improved Man Utd more than Klopp has Liverpool?

Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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Man City v Chelsea preview

The relinquishing of the crown. If you think Chelsea broke a lot of records last season City are probably going to break every single one possible. Both had different experiences last weekend and there seasons are contrasting from last year. Pep collected the first trophy of his career in England after a difficult debut season. It took a while however as all great managers do he has instilled the idea of tactics across and now they look like all the great teams he has previously coached.

It’s been an up and down season for the team in blue down in West London. They haven’t slumped like they have in previous post title winning seasons however it does look like the intensity isn’t in the team. One of the big differences which has become obvious is the quality upfront. Historically Chelsea have always been successful in the Premier League with physically dominant strikers. Just look at the seasons they won the title with Drogba or Costa upfront bullying defenders and being double teamed. Morata doesn’t play in that direct style but he needs to be stronger on the ball, his supporting cast played well at Old Trafford and created opportunities which he should’ve done better from. He hasn’t scored in a long stretch and his confidence seems low at the moment. Now that they are out of the top 4 it’s important that they don’t drop further points with Spurs and Liverpool becoming more consistent.

After a dominant performance on Thursday at the Emirates, it’s all about when and not if they lift the Premier League for the third time. Something which has become even more apparent in recent weeks for non City fans is how good Sane is. The balance and elegance he displayed for the first goal was incredible to watch. He looked like a gazelle with how he was turning at speed and avoiding contact from defenders. It also helps that you have De Bruyne and Silva with you to finish of moves and keep the ball. The goals they scored were wow moments, they carved Arsenal up and it didn’t look fair. As a football fan you don’t even want to hate on the style of play and found yourself happy to see them on the winning side.

Key matchups

Whoever decides to play at wingback for Chelsea will have a very long day. Bellerin was going around in circles trying to keep up with Sane. Along with physical ability his decision making has improved a lot and is playing with a lot of confidence. After an injury layoff he seems back to his recent form earlier in the season. If he performs like he has the previous 2 games he is a match winner and will need to be double teamed.

As previously mentioned Chelsea weren’t that bad at Old Trafford. Defensively they were solid and in midfield they were ok. City have been brilliant however they are capable of making a mistake at the back, if an opportunity is presented Morata assuming he plays must be ready to deliver. He has been poor recently and could have scored twice last week. It could be a better option to have Giroud upfront and try to be a physical presence against Otamendi who can struggle at times.


City have been unstoppable at home and that won’t change on Sunday. They have a big lead on the Champions League so don’t have too many worries on that for a few weeks. They are out of the F.A. cup and have one trophy in the bag so can now focus on wrapping up the title early. If they do that they have a real chance of getting to the Champions League final.

City 3-1 win

Who do you think will win? Are City the best team in Europe? Is Sane the best young player in Europe?

Leave your thoughts and comments below …

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Man Utd v Chelsea preview

The return of the Premier League brings forward a grudge match between two managers who have been throwing indirects all season. Maybe with the title being over it’s given them more time to be petty, however when they meet up on Sunday they have a lot to play for. Both teams are now in race for the top 4 after stuttering recently whilst being in European fixtures during the week. Both teams drew in midweek however the performances were contrasting. United were lucky to get away with a draw in Spain. They got a draw but it wasn’t because they defended well, it was luck and that should be a concern for Mourinho. Chelsea produced an encouraging performance and should feel confident that they can score an away goal.

So a lot has been made about the poor performances and the fact that United haven’t contested with City. Over the course of the season one thing is clear about the team which explains the inconsistencies in their performance, they don’t have an identity. What is their style of play? What partnerships have been formed in the team? What is their strongest 11? The honest answer is nobody knows, not even Mourinho. The chemistry in the team isn’t there and that is reflected in their star signing looking lost on the pitch. Wins against Arsenal and Spurs this season have masked the fact that they have won big games by taking the few chances they create and relying on de Gea for big saves. They haven’t dominated the bigger games and there has been a breakdown with Pogba and the manager. This all comes down to Pogba either not knowing or feeling comfortable with what he is suppose to do in the team. The addition of Sanchez has unbalanced the team further and adds to the point that the team has no identity. Was his addition needed with all the deficiencies in midfield and defence?

On the other side it seems like everytime Chelsea have entered a crisis this season Conte has managed to get through it and the players seem to have his back. He has so far avoided the curse which previous managers have faced and if they manage to finish second this season Conte can say he has had a successful couple of seasons. Heading to Old Trafford they should feel confident that they can get a result. Giroud is a positive addition and Morata is getting back to full fitness which will bring their best player Hazard back to his best position. Willian has also been given more playing time which has provided some more flair to a team which has struggled to create openings.

Key Matchups

Whenever these two teams play each other Hazard is always the tall of the game. Mourinho as the United manager has usually given the task of man marking to Herrera. It’s not the most exciting thing to see but it has been successful at times. He is the best player in the pitch and playing his old manager has been a little motivation for him. The United defence right now is a mess and there is no way they can defend against him individually, they will need support from Matic and McTominay assuming they both start. McTominay has been solid in his debut season and given more confidence from the manager after the midweek game. Pogba failed in this role against Spurs last month which gave Eriksen space to run the game. If they give Hazard this space the results will be the same.


This is an important game for United. The mood around the team isn’t good and losing to Conte won’t be a good look. Chelsea will be coming to Old Trafford with higher confidence and should be on the front foot from the start to add nerves to the crowds deflated atmosphere as of late. This game has draw written all over it, both teams are coming of tough games and don’t want to lose to the other.

Draw 0-0

Who do you think will win? Is De Gea the best keeper in the world? Who will last longer in their job between the two managers?

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Last 16 preview part 2

Here are the predictions for the second group of last 16 ties. Part 1 is available here.

Bayern v Besiktas

The Turkish champions done well to win their group however this is probably the end for them. They have a lot of experienced Champions League players such as Pepe, Adriano and Quaresma which will help overcome any nerves as they head to the Allianz Arena. For Bayern this was a good tie considering they didn’t win their group. They are comfortably top of the league and can probably rest players to try and progress further in the tournament. James Rodriguez has done well at his new club and will be relied upon for creativity now that Ribery and Robben are ageing.

Prediction- Bayern

Chelsea v Barcelona

Even though one team is clearly better than the other history suggests that you should think twice before picking Barca. The last meetings between the two was a classic which produced so many memorable moments. There is something about Chelsea that Messi finds difficult. The Terry, Cole, Lampard nucleus found a way to play against him and they should adopt a similar style if they want to advance. It seems like they pick and choose when they want to perform and this will probably be a game that the players will be motivated to prove themselves against the best. Barca are currently top of the league but this isn’t the best version of them, they aren’t impossible to play against, they are really good. This is also a chance for Hazard to prove himself on the biggest stage and against the world’s best, if he isn’t the talisman they will get beat easily.

Prediction- Barcelona

Sevilla v Man Utd

This tie looks like a straight forward, middle of the road tie for United to comfortably advance if they turn up. Sevilla are a decent team however they haven’t got any specific players to be frightened of. Defensively they aren’t the best and Lukaku should be looking to bully them. At the moment they are inconsistent which isn’t being helped by all the rumours around Pogba. Whether he plays in a two or three man midfield he should be expected to affect the game more than he is currently.

Prediction- Man Utd

Shakhtar Donetsk v Roma

A tie which won’t get as much attention however both teams have proved their quality in the group stages. Shakhtar are a well coached continental team who have experience advancing deep in the tournament. Roma have also done well to advance out of a difficult group and been solid at the back. This is a 50/50 tie which will be decided on which striker turns up between Ferreyra and Dzeko.

Prediction- Shakhtar

Who do you think will advance from the four ties? Who do you think will be top goalscorer in the tournament?

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Last 16 preview

The return of the greatest tournament in the world has arrived with some exciting ties. Pairing some of the great players against each other will provide some new storylines ahead of an exciting end of the season. The English teams have looked strong this season and should be looking to reach the last 4 If they get through this round. Here are the previews and predictions for this week’s ties, part 2 will be published next week.

Juventus v Spurs

This has the makings of a great tie involving two teams who have great balance in their starting 11. After a slow start to the season Juventus have picked up the pace domestically and are currently neck in neck with Napoli at the top. 11 straight wins shows that they are currently one of the form teams in Europe and approaching the business end of the season well. Tottenham have also had a great start to the year and are now back in the top 4 domestically. They are coming off a great win in the North London derby and have nothing to fear in this tie. Topping a difficult group with the defending champions should give them great confidence in the tie. This tie will likely be decided on who will take the few opportunities presented between two great defensive teams. Over two legs Juve have more quality going forward although Kane is the best player on the pitch. Higuain and Dybala are proven goalscorer in the Champions League and should have enough however to get them through.

Prediction- Juventus

FC Basel v Man City

This is certainly the easiest tie of the week to predict. City look flawless and are already a handful of wins away from lifting the Premier League trophy. That will certainly help them to rest players for this tournament. Basel have good history at home against English teams but this City team are a different beast to previous teams they’ve faced. Only complacency will stop them progressing to at least the semi finals.

Prediction- Man City

Porto v Liverpool

If Liverpool had a solid defence they would be one of the best teams in Europe. In the group stage they showed the good and bad side of their team but they should have enough to get through. This isn’t the best team Porto have had in recent years however they regularly get to this stage in the Champions League which is some experience Liverpool don’t recently have. If they don’t make silly mistakes the attack should have enough to get them far in this tournament.

Prediction – Liverpool

Real Madrid v PSG

The tie of the round between two of the richest clubs in the world. PSG are like the fresher version of Los Blancos with all the new football stars whilst Madrid still have the most expensive players from a few years back. People question the quality of the French league but they did set a record for most goals scored in the group stage. The difference between the team that bottled it last year and this season is that they have a world class player with stature in their team. A player like Neymar has attributes that only 2 or 3 other players have, and if they take a big lead into the second leg he will finish it. It’s hard to pinpoint why Madrid have struggled this season but it’s probably the end of a cycle for some players. The core have been together for a while and needed freshening up. They still rely on Ronaldo which can’t go on forever however this is the tournament they live for. They are out of the title race so this is all they have to live for, they could step it up for this tie but PSG are not the team you just turn up for and hope to beat. Should they go out here it will be the end of the BBC era and a lot will change. For PSG they should expect to get to the final with the team they have, the front three is devastating and the having someone like Neymar in the team should give them confidence that they have a player who can now go toe to toe with the World player of the year.

Prediction- PSG

What are your predictions for the 4 ties? Who are the favourites? Which English team will progress the furthest?

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Spurs v Arsenal preview

The upcoming North London derby just like last weekend’s game promises to be a great game for two teams who have had a positive couple of weeks. Both sides however don’t have much room for error as they continue to push for a top 4 place. The transfer window was positive for both teams who managed to add quality additions to the team.

After a depressing couple of weeks the addition of Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang provided a lift for the Arsenal fans. They completely anhilated Everton at home in the first half and their two signing were involved in the goals. Wenger now has real quality in the forward areas to choose from and has a decision to make on who to drop. Last week saw Lacazette being dropped which must annoy him. The first time this season which they have players putting in quality through balls and he has to watch his new team mate prospering and probably taking his place. All this being said however the quality at the back is still a major problem. They still have problems in defensive midfield and at the back they struggle with leadership. The problems that Liverpool had with Spurs are likely to be the same problems Arsenal will encounter if they don’t prepare properly.

Spurs had an eventful game last week, they are relieved to have got a point but could be disappointed with not winning the game. In the second half they dominated Liverpool and looked excellent after a slow start. The addition of Lucas Moura will be a quality addition to a team which lacks direct running and dribbling at speed. At times they play too many passes without any penetration however with Lucas taking players on it will give the opportunity to divert attention from Kane and Eriksen.

Key Matchups

For a team that has so many attacking players it’s unbelievable that Arsenal still haven’t added to their defence. It’s been exposed many times as shown in the Swansea game where they were all over the place. Mustafi was signed for big money last season and had a good start to his career in England however this season he has struggled. It’s hard to explain if this is due to changing partnerships in defence or his own form but he has looked sloppy. However he will have the responsibility with marking Kane who has just become on of the fastest players to 100 Premier League goals. He has a very good record against Arsenal and if given opportunities he won’t miss again like last week.

If Arsenal could add one player from the Spurs team who would improve the starting 11 dramatically it wouldn’t be Kane, Eriksen, or Son, it would be Dembele. As a physical presence he dominates players and can create chances from midfield. For the talent he has he doesn’t score enough goals but at Spurs this isn’t his role in the team. If Arsenal can control him they can stop the supply to the front line, this responsibility will probably be handed to Wilshere but Xhaka will have to help him out. He hasn’t had a great time at Arsenal and he may be playing in the wrong position but his defensive awareness has been suspect. He will have to press Dembele and make sure that he doesn’t have to much possession otherwise Arsenal will have a difficult time managing Spurs attack. Liverpool managed to do it in the first half but it’s difficult to cope with for 90 minutes.


There have been so many great games this season and this will definetly be up there at the top. Both teams have to win to keep up with their rivals and Arsenal have good memories at Wembley. Spurs will look to start fast like they did against Man Utd a couple weeks ago, if they replicate that performance they will blow Arsenal away quickly. At home they have a better team and should be able to get three points.

Spurs 2-1

Who do you think will win the North London derby? Who do you think will finish higher? Who is the best player on the pitch out of the two teams? Leave your thoughts and comments below..

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Hornets deliver final sting on Conte

If Chelsea players are aware of their recent history after winning the Barclays Premier League they haven’t done much to change the inevitable. Ever since the summer all hasn’t been good in West London. Upon the arrival of Mourinho and Guardiola at the same time spending record amounts of money, most Chelsea fans would’ve been satisfied with a top four finish after finishing midtable. However they surprisingly won the league with ease and all seemed good. But with Chelsea it seems like their strategy to perform is chaos. It seems like nobody is ever comfortable, the players have better relationships with upper management than the coach. Your only ever a bad month away from being another cross on Roman’s shopping list.

To be fair to the club it may not be straight from the “football philosophy handbook” but they have won more trophies than most clubs who have preached that they are progressing in the right direction. At Chelsea you are given a team of quality players and a few additions of your choice to sweeten you up and then watched like a hawk until you fail. Right now those Hawks are circling an increasingly resigned Conte who has been irritated with the club all year. He has hinted that he doesn’t get the signings he wants and the negative attitude has transmitted over the club all season. Even when they beat Spurs away and won at Atletico it was just like catching your breath while being dragged under water. The losses to Burnley, City and away at Roma seemed to have more impact. Credit to Conte and the character he is as a player and manager, he has tried to fight through the inevitable. At one point they were the closest team to Man City but after the new year their form has dipped. 2 wins in 10 and the summer signings have struggled to match the standards set by the players they have replaced. If their was a poll for the worst summer signing Bakayoko might win unanimously. Being linked with Carroll and Crouch was weird as well.

All of the factors mentioned have come to ahead in the last two Premier League games against teams that they should beat. Conceding 7 goals against Bournemouth and Watford is bad enough on paper but they looked worse than that. They were outplayed, outfought and the players didn’t look together. Conte after the game yesterday said he is at ease with his situation and isn’t worried about the future. It seems like he has given up trying to fight the inevitable and is just waiting for the end which seems uncomfortable. He is a great manager and at the end of the season he will probably be targeted for the new vacancy at Real Madrid should it come up. This shouldn’t be a slight on him, being sacked at Chelsea in murky circumstances is normal. He could be criticised for tactics on certain games and for a couple of signings but he has done well to compete with rivals that have spent more.

Chelsea have entered a new period where they aren’t signing the most desired players anymore. The cheque book isn’t being opened for the sake of it. They balance the books and try to sign young players who haven’t peaked yet. Hence why they signed Barkley and Bakayoko whilst selling Matic. If they are to get rid of Conte who will they get in? Hiddink, Ancelotti, Terry, whoever it is the club have a big month coming up. Games against Man Utd, City and Tottenham will be sandwiched in with their clash against Barcelona. As previously stated Chelsea players are use to this situation so whenever these situations arise come the Champions League the players go into autopilot and coach themselves. Whose to say they won’t win a trophy this season ?

Will Conte last the season? Where will Chelsea finish this season? Leave your comments below and please share the post.

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Liverpool v Spurs preview

The title race may be over for now and Man Utd look like they will finish second, however just below them there is a fight for the final two Champions League spots. Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool are now in there own race as part of the big 6. Arsenal have acquired Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan and Ozil signed a new deal which should make them stronger going forward for the rest of the season. This weekend 4th and 5th placed teams will go head to head and try to inflict damage on a direct rival. Both teams have had disappointing recently but recovered in midweek to keep the pressure on Chelsea and United. One thing that is guaranteed from this game however is goals, Liverpool are the entertainers of the league and any game they are involved in has chances at either end.

A lot of frustration and anger has been voiced by Liverpool fans about their teams consistent inconsistencies. They ended City’s unbeaten run with a brilliant attacking performance but they almost lost it at the end. With the team on a high they then lost to bottom of the league Swansea where they struggled to create chances and conceded a sloppy goal. After two years in the job to see these type of performances against the weaker sides must be annoying the manager. That consistency in performances is what holds Liverpool back from competing for trophies. van Dijk can be excused for his first Premier League start but overall Klopp shouldn’t still be having problems with his keeper and backline. In midweek they were back to their best easily dismissing Huddersfield, but it’s what fans were expecting after losing at home in the F.A. cup.

Spurs have had a decent season the only problem for them has been that the two Manchester teams have dramatically improved. The standard at the top has improved and Spurs haven’t. Harry Kane has maintained his level but Delle Alli has struggled this season. They have had some injuries in midfield but at times they struggle for creativity. Teams give them a lot of respect and that is where at times they need an outball on the wing who can take on players. Against United however they were back to their best in particularly due to United being so bad. Dembele controlled the midfield and Kane bullied Jones. They overran United and attacked with pace the way theu can do when they are full of confidence. The addition ofLucas Moura will be a great addition for the team because he provides something which the current team is lacking, dribbling at pace and genuine width. He can be an outball that can counter attack or take on players when playing against deep defences.

Key matchup

Who is the best player on the pitch? Easily Kane. In the reverse fixture he was gifted opportunities and took them ruthlessly. He has scored 20 Premier League goals for the fourth season in a row so the myth that he is just on a hot streak can be thrown away. Even though he didn’t score in midweek he bullied the defence and played like a target man. So for van Dijk this is his first big test as a Liverpool player. As their new leader at the back he has to assert himself and bring that confidence in a defence which has lacked leadership. If he was to keep Kane quiet it would be a positive sign for the team and a big sigh of relief for the fans.

If there was a list of the top 5 players in the league right now Kane would be on it alongside Salah. He has surprised most people with how quickly he has adapted. The system Klopp has created has brought the best out of the attacking players and he has been the star man. At home if they press from the front like they did at City, they are capable of winning the game in 20 minutes. They have a very good record against Spurs apart from the game earlier this season.

Prediction – this is is going to be a close game, Liverpool can go three goals up and get caught back in just as quick time. At home it’s hard to beat Liverpool especially in a big game. After a disappointing couple of weeks, they should look to collect 3 points and try to open a gap on Spurs.

Liverpool 3-1

Who do you think will win? Salah or Kane? Who do you think will finish higher?

Leave your thoughts and comment below. Please make sure to share this post.

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