Battle of the titans – Manchester derby preview

It’s exactly as we all predicted, you spend the most money so you should be top of the league? All the talk is about power shifts in different cities, but they haven’t realised that the two Manchester clubs separated by 4 miles have set standards reminiscent of Premier league rivals in the early 2000s. Both teams were miles of meeting their managers expectations in their first season last year as they went through their growing pains. With differing approaches they have set themselves apart from the rest of the league this season. After a difficult first season Mourinho has changed the flaky, wasteful United team into a physically imposing and ruthless machine. Pep needed a bit of bedding in of tactics but now the results are worth the wait. At the moment they are the in-form team in Europe with the chance to put one finger on the Premier League trophy this early in the season.

Ever since the sheikhs took control of the Etihad this derby has been growing in stature but this weekend will be the first super derby between the two. Liverpool have always been the biggest game of the seaaon historically and during the Sir Alex Ferguson days City were never a European force. Since his retirement both teams have won the league but have underachieved. This season feels different, the mood around the club’s is different, expectations have changed, opposition teams look content to lose by a couple of goals. Credit to both managers who have set a standard in the Premier League which has been lacking for the past few seasons. It seems like both managers are competitive brothers with different mindsets, but secretly respect each other. All the accolades Pep has received over the years has annoyed Mourinho who was the media favourite when he first burst onto the scene. For Pep to come over to England where many have questioned his suitability to be successful and dominate where Mourinho has won trophies would grate him.

How will both teams approach the game? Exactly as we would all expect, City are looking to break a Premier League record 14 game winning streak. United will allow them to control the game and look to see if they can counter. The approach United displayed at the Emirates was the perfect Mourinho counter attacking performance. Four shots on target and 3 goals was ruthless and efficient. Before the game many questioned the attacking quality they posses in big games but as predicted Pogba’s presence made a big difference creating from midfield. His quality on the ball meant that the attacking players could receive the ball quicker and run at the defence which was clear to see at the Emirates. He will be a big miss for the team but it could mean that Herrera will be the given the man marking role like he had last season. Will Mourinho resort to this tactic at home against the ‘noisey neighbours’. 

Credit where it’s due, United are unbeaten at home stretching 40 games which shouldn’t be taken for granted. Ironically the last loss was against City, who outplayed United. The key man for United will be the resurgent Martial who has now earnt the trust of Mourinho after a difficult season last year. In the absence of Pogba he has to be the man to attack City’s defence and make their fullback think twice about pushing forward. He has to be the outball for the team to push up the field because if that doesn’t happen eventually City will break you down. Although they have improved majorly at the back, they aren’t the best defence in the league and can be weak especially from set plays. This may be an area which Mourinho will be looking to exploit with the physical presence that his team has.


This is probably the biggest game in the Premier League since the two played each other at the end of the 2012 season. It feels like City have transformed as a super club from the ‘noisey neighbours’. They will have the majority of possession and will win if United don’t push them back. Lukaku has to stand up and make an impact on the game, he still hasn’t scored this season against a top 6 opponent. Going through the predicted starting lineups, City have the better team and should be looking to dominate the league. United need to get fans onside by being confident on the ball and attacking with intent, they may not have a lot of the ball but if they provide a threat the fans will give them an edge. All in all this will be a great game and one that will have big consequences for the title race. Sit back relax with your friends to watch a true heavyweight collision. 

Man Utd 2 – 1 Man City

Who do you think will win? Pep or Mourinho? Who is the better team?

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Arsenal v Man Utd preview

To kick off the start of the Christmas period the Premier League has provided a potential game of the season. Historically this game has provided memorable moments, Henry’s volley, Utd winning 4-2, Keane v Vieira and many more. Add to that Wenger’s rivalry with Mourinho and we see a game where both teams have a lot to lose. Both teams are in good form and have to win to remain on course for their pre season targets. The form of Man City has increased the pressure on all their rivals to keep winning games just to remain within distance. If Man Utd lose they could enter the Manchester derby 11 points behind and the title race basically finished. An Arsenal win would put them a point behind Mourinho’s side and would signal a clear change in their fortunes from earlier in the season.

United may be missing Matic who came off injured during the Watford game. If he’s out it’s a huge miss on both sides of the pitch. If your looking for an exciting game as a football fan one player has to turn up and make an impact, Paul Pogba. However if he has to play deeper because of Matic’s injury the supply to the forward line will be similar to previous away games at the big 6 teams. Away at Stamford Bridge and Anfield, United had a total of 3 shots on target. Lukaku had 0 zero touches in Chelsea’s penalty area which is a bad sign for their approach. During these games it was obvious to see that the attacking players were receiving no quality support or through balls to attack defences. Mkhitaryan has failed to impress and the midfielders don’t have that quality in the final third. Pogba was injured for these games but now he’s back he has to provide that creativity and feed the wingers in dangerous areas and Lukaku. 

If he does that expect Martial and Rashford to create a lot more opportunities and see a more happier Lukaku who has struggled recently. It’s hard to explain why he is struggling right now after a great start but if he scores in this sort of game (which he has struggled historically in) he will truly feel like a Man Utd number 9 in the eyes of the fans. These are the games you remember van Persie, Rooney, van Nistelrooy, Ronaldo and other greats for. These next two games will say a lot about what level he is in comparison to the other top strikers in the league.

Arsenal on the other hand should approach it exactly how they played the North London derby. Not allowing United to find their rhythm early in the game, and being aggressive will get the best out of Ozil who is a match winner on his day. Alongside Lacazette and Sanchez the fans will be looking forward to seeing the chemistry displayed in recent weeks. What’s changed for Arsenal since the Liverpool game, their players look like they’re trying. The best players are setting the standards and the rest are following. This maybe Ozil and Alexis’s last season but as a whole Arsenal have a strong team. Kolasinac has been a strong addition and Lacazette looks sharp whenever he plays. If he doesn’t play it would be a big miss. They underachieved massively last season and should be challenging for the league with Chelsea and the Manchester clubs. At home they have been really good this season and with the confidence they have generated, A win on Saturday evening will provide more evidence that the team is progressing forward and that Wenger can build a title contender.


Man Utd cannot afford to drop points in this game. It’s still early in the season but the gap could increase to double figures heading into the home game next week. It’s hard to believe that Mourinho will let the team go all out to attack against this quality opposition. All things being said this game won’t end as a draw and the record Mourinho has against Wenger shouldn’t be ignored.

Arsenal 1 – 2 Man Utd 

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Liverpool v Chelsea preview 

What a great game this is going to be. This is probably the most underrated rivarly in England. These two teams have had classic matches over the years domestically and abroad from the early 2000s. Although Chelsea have been more successful Liverpool have a good record against them. Klopp hasn’t lost to Chelsea yet which might be something to point out.

Two teams with great attacking talent looking to put on a show Saturday evening. It looks like these two teams alongside Man Utd, Spurs and Arsenal are having their own race to be the best team after Man City. It doesn’t look they are going to slow down anytime soon but the other teams have to keep winning games and hope for a slip up. After overcoming a slow start Conte has managed to so far escape the Chelsea second season collapse which is a testament to his motivational skills. Hazard looks fit and back to his best, alongside Morata the link up play demonstrated looks exciting for the future. The main catalyst for the turn in form is the return to fitness of Kante who has proven how important he is to any team. His presence in the team allows Fabregas to play further forward and not become a liability in holding midfield. He also provides protection for Cahil and David Luiz who aren’t the best one on one defenders. Conte has complained about the fixture schedule which they didn’t have last year. This isn’t valid as all managers in England have to deal with this and is what makes the league unique. They also have Wilian, Pedro, Drinkwater and co on the bench so it’s not like they are short staffed. If they were to win at Anfield it would send a big message to the rest of the league.

Is there anything else to explain about Liverpool’s result against Sevilla. Same old, same old Liverpool. Going forward they can create chances like Man City but at the back they defend like QPR. It looks like they aren’t told what to do if a team attacks them. Two years into the job and it seems like Klopp doesn’t think its a problem or is struggling to address it. The fans seem to be sick and tired of saying the same thing and Klopp says the right thing but is he looking to amend this in training. 

The key matchup for both teams will be whoever has to play against Hazard. In the form he is in should be looking to score in this game. Henderson and the rest of the midfield have to keep their wits about them to make sure he isn’t in open space. On the other side there are no such worries, Salah has slowly overtaken everyone and is now the top scorer in the league. They must feel like they have to score 4 to win a game. They will feel like they can get at the Chelsea defence which looks shaky when Kante isn’t there.


After a disappointing second half performance in Seville, Liverpool will be more aware of not defending as bad in the next game especially with the quality of opponents. At home Liverpool are a strong team and it’s hard to believe they will lose. Chelsea are complaining about the long journey from Azerbaijan and it probably will play in the teams mind if Liverpool start out strong. Goals should be expected in this game if not a lot of chances. 

Liverpool win 2-1

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North London derby preview

The pendulum has swung on Arsene Wenger and his love affair with North London. This game use to be a demonstration of how big bro throws wrestling moves on little bro just to insult them. The decline of Arsenal has coincided with the rise of Tottenham and the media love them right now. When Arsenal were football fans 2nd favourite team they had an exciting European manager who improved young players that were bought for relatively small prices and developed into top Premier League players. Minus the trophies Pochettino has done a brilliant job changing the culture and mentality of the club. You can’t tell your players “lads it’s Spurs” at half time anymore or expect to intimidate their players. The times have changed and looking at both teams Spurs now have the physically stronger athletes with the aura around them.

All this being said however if Arsenal were to win they would only be a point behind after their predictable early season crisis. After a predictable defeat at the Etihad another defeat will open a gap between them and the top 4. The issue at centre back will be a key factor on how they survive the game. Elneny basically playing centre back was against Man City was unbelievable. A team that scores goals for fun and you want to do science experiments is hilarious. If the same happens on Saturday Kane will score at least twice. Going forward they are a threat but they need more from Ozil. Pacing yourself through games is only viewed as acceptable if you make a difference in the big games. Alongside him Sanchez seems to be playing for himself and it looks like the rest of the team see it as well. Lacazette deserves an opportunity just for taking his chance at City and if the midfielders spot his runs he will have chances.

It’s crazy to think that the two big signings made post Rvp and Fabregas haven’t brought the team any closer to a title race and haven’t brought the leadership expected of them from Arsene Wenger. Spurs should follow the same format that they used against Liverpool. Arsenal tend to start games slowly for an unexplained reason and if they press Arsenal from the start and force mistakes the fans at the Emirates will turn on them. A player who deserves more credit for their consistency and output is Eriksen. Moving to England the same season as Ozil, his impact on his team is much bigger and has been the best playmaker in the league with de Bruyne for the past 3 seasons. 

Prediction – all in all an away win seems the obvious prediction. Spurs right now are just physically, technically and mentally better team than Arsenal. Having Kane back fully fit will give them an opportunity to cement their status as the best team in north London.

3-1 away win 

Who do you think will win? What are your thoughts on both teams? …..

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London v Manchester – Super Sunday

The first real Super Sunday of the season has arrived, on the day of bonfire night the Premier League has provided two games with fireworks expected on and off the pitch. Both games with different narratives but big consequences for the rest of the league. By the end of the day City could be well clear of their rivals if luck swings their way. The first game is definetly one for the purists, a lot of goals and very little defending will be the theme between two managers which very similar approaches to the game. The opposite could be said of the 4 o’clock kick off. Two highly intense managers with a pragmatic approach, and under a lot of pressure at the moment. The result could have significant implications for the future of their season. Overall it could be a big day for the 4 teams and how their seasons shape out.

Man City v Arsenal
This is definitely a game for the football purists. Both teams only want to play one way and for people watching their will be plenty of chances created. At the moment City are one of the best teams in Europe, they just became the first English team to win in Naples scoring 4 goals. Defensively they are still leaky but are scoring so many goals it’s not a problem at the moment. Coming into this game they need to set a tempo and make the game open, if this happens it should be a comfortable win. 

Arsenal are unpredictable this season, its hard to understand how good they really are. They battered Everton away but everyone can see they are terrible and they only narrowly beat Swansea at home. The positive for them is having their big 3 start together recently, so far they seem to have chemistry. The majority of players were rested in the Europa League so they should be ready for this big test. Approaching this game is a big headache for the manager, do you go all out and get battered or play it safe on the counter attack. Recent history shows that Arsenal don’t know how to play safe and even if they try City are different to most teams, they have too many threats and Arsenal aren’t strong enough. The performance at Chelsea proved that they can play right but this is a different game. Realistically they should attack and press those City defenders who are prone to mistakes, Sanchez, Ozil and Lacazette are capable of that but the result seems unlikely. If Arsenal get a result they can say they have gone to the hardest place in England st yhe moment which will be a big boost for the team and the fans who have gone through it this season.

Prediction 3-1 Man City

Chelsea v Man Utd

If the first match is going to be a spectacle, this match looks to be a tighter intense game between two teams with a weird vibe around them. Chelsea were embarrassing against Roma, the players looked like they gave up which is reminiscent of what happened two seasons ago. It’s hard to understand why this keeps happening at Chelsea but it seems like they players have too much power at the club. Since the summer they’re has been a different Conte who doesn’t seem happy. The injury to Kante has proven how important he is to any team he is a part of because Bakayoko and Fabregas doesn’t work. Defensively as well they have no intensity or organisation, they clearly have proven they can defend but it looks like they are tired of Conte which is not a good sign for his future.

 It’s hard to predict what will happen in this game because of what United’s approach will be. If Mourinho parks the bus a 0-0 seems realistic. Chelsea are clearly their for the taking and if Mourinho takes the chains of his horses and let them play free they should win the game but he won’t. He has the opportunity to get his own revenge on his old club and change the morale of his own team. Since the Liverpool game the players haven’t been playing well and the fans haven’t been impressed. The penalty decision against Benfica just summed up how awkward the mood is right now. Lukaku has another opportunity to score against a rival and end his goal drought. The biggest advantage they have right now over Chelsea is theu are more solid and if they manage to create a few chances they should be able to score. Quick note however Man Utd have won once at Stamford Bridge in 15 years in the Premier League.

Prediction 1-0 Man Utd

What are your score predictions for both games? Who do you think has been the most impressive team this season?

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Two Jordan’s in one era

Greatness – something that is larger in size, quantity or quality. In sport the word is used all the time, ” that was a great goal”, ” he’s a great player”, he could be great”. In this social media age where everything happens quickly and one tweet can lead to you being on the news or having media fame. In sport hot takes happen every week. James Rodriguez had a great tournament and he was called a great player, Steph Curry had two great seasons and was being hailed as better than LeBron. All the time we hear this word probably distorts our appreciation when it is staring in our face. Whilst Ronaldo claims his 5th world player of the year award it’s important to appreciate him and the Argentine maestro for undoubted greatness, consistency, showmanship and dedication. When they finally hang up their boots opposing fans will realise how special the rivalry is. 11 years of being in the Fifpro list is unbelievable, they have basically been great since 2006. That’s 3 world cups, 3 presidential terms of complete unique dominance. To be the best player 5 times is a testament to their desire to be great.

As the faces of Nike and Adidas, Madrid and Barcelona, Europe and South America they have somehow made football more popular. The best thing about the two players is that they don’t cheat the game and are always looking to get better. When Ronaldo first started he was a skinny winger with a lot of tricks but no end product. He then physically changed into having a NBA physique bullying defenders in the air as well as on the floor, and recently a goal scoring poacher reminiscent of van Nistelrooy. Messi on the other hand was never going to have the physical ability of Ronaldo but he has evolved as a player playing in all the front three positions and as a playmaker. Starting out as Ronaldinho’s protege, Ronaldinho said he was already better thsn him when he was the world player of the year. Both have set numerous goalscoring records for club and country at rate which is unthinkable.  Raul was the top scorer in European history with 71 goals, Ronaldo and Messi have hit 100 and they have another 5 years of scoring at a high rate in them. Every manager has had a game plan and failed, its got to the point where they understand that you cant do anything except prayer, they have the code to goals that they haven’t shared with the rest of the world. 

Its funny that even though they are so accomplished, in any other sport or generation they would be lapping up 10 player of the year awards but in this freakish moment where we have the equivalent of two Jordan’s they have two share the honours between them. Between 2009-2013 Messi was regarded unanimously as the best player in world and was winning everything individually and as a team. He was part of the best team in history which was to the envy of his nemesis in the capital. Ronaldo’s stubborn belief in himself was seen as being bitter but as the dominance ended in Catalonia, Madrid went on to have their own dominance in Europe winning 3 out of 4 Champions League’s. Include Euro 2016 success and you could say that Ronaldo has had a more accomplished career to date.

Looking at how they have changed football they have set a new standard for attackers. 25 goals a season used to be the sign of a great scorer. Both players score 50 goals a season on average, literally a goal a game. Team mates have said that having them on their team means you are a goal up already which is some confidence to have. They have set a standard which makes looks some of the greatest players seem like really good. You can’t compare Henry, Zlatan, Shevchenko, Figo, Robben to these two. Remember when people thought Bale was going to take over from Ronaldo and Neymar was going to take the reign from Messi. That’s what usually happens in sport but that shows how great they are. Of this century they are definitely 1 and 1a in which ever order you choose, you can’t be wrong whoever you pick but as they enter the backend of their prime just remember to look forward to weekends and the next world cup as you are seeing two superheroes push sport and competition to unrivalled levels.

Best midfielders in Europe

After all that hype the big game of the weekend was a letdown. Both teams cancelled each other for the most part. It was another boring away performance from Mourinho. After watching the Liverpool Man Utd snoozefest most people looked towards Mourinho as the reason to why millions of fans around the world were twiddling there thumbs more interested in snacks rather the game. Liverpool made an effort but lacked a bit of quality and luck at certain points. United may not have had the boldest tactics but the most apparent thing to see was how poor the play was in midfield. Herrera and Matic were hard working and defensively aware but didn’t provide any service for Lukaku or Martial. Lukaku had the fewest touches of anyone on both teams which always means that he was most likely isolated upfront. If Pogba was fit this may have been a different story however the same type of performance was displayed last season. This was further highlighted by the performance of De Bruyne who had one of the best individual performances this year. He made 3 passes that were unreal, the precision and speed of his passes were laser focused. With the return of the Champions League it had me thinking about the best midfielders in Europe. These midfielders can dictate the pace of a game in any squad. In the new Guardiola system De Bruyne has been playing deeper and started the attacks. He would’ve been included on the list but his normal position in is an attacker.

Honourable mentions – Casemeiro, Pjanic, Iniesta, Pogba, Busquets

5. Veratti

At only 24 years old he still has a lot to improve on but he is already a top player. Now that Matuidi is gone he has become the main man in the middle supplying the ammo for PSG’s front three. He has been class this season and has had big performances on the Champions League. His skills and football intelligence have led to comparisons with Pirlo which he has acknowledged himself. With the quality of the team right now he has the opportunity take the domestic title back and challenge in Europe. If he does that and helps his country next summer (assuming they make it past the playoffs) he will be recognised as one of the great players in the world.

4. Kante

What else is there to say? 70% of the world is covered by water the rest by Kante. These sort of statements by fans credit and undermine his actual ability on the ball. To win the league with two different clubs in consecutive seasons shows the quality he brings to teams. On the ball he is also underrated, he can run with the ball and passes the ball forward which is something most holding midfielders don’t do. He is also a main starter for the national team which is saying something when you look at the depth of their talent.

3.  Vidal

He hasn’t had a positive last couple of weeks but he is a proven winner and a world class player. An all action midfielder that has everything to his game and is a great leader. Now in his early 30s he is the more senior player in the midfield but his quality on the ball and running provides space for attackers to create chances. Last season in the Champions League he was unlucky missing the penalty and being sent off, sometimes you wonder why United were so hesitant to buy him 3 years ago.

2.  Modric

When he joined Madrid from Spurs most people understood his quality but didn’t expect him to be so instrumental in their success. With Casemeiro in the midfield they now have the perfect balance to play alongside Kroos. With those two you have two quarterbacks in the team. Last season was probably the best in his career winning the double, he was a leader in the team and in the Champions League final after a difficult first half he was incredible. The only criticism of his game is that for all his quality he doesn’t score enough goals.

1. Kroos

Has anyone had a better 5 year trophy run as a player. Since 2012 he has won 3 league titles, 3 Champions leagues and a World cup among other trophies. If you are to describe his skill set you would say he is a more athletic Schweinsteiger with even better technical ability. He is still only 27 years old and has the opportunity now to become one of the all time great midfielders in Europe at arguably the biggest club in the world. With him and Modric in midfield for the first time in recent memory they go into El Classico with a better midfield which was exemplified in the Supercopa a couple of months ago when they was dominant.

What do you think of this list? Who do you think is the best midfielder right now?

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Liverpool v Man Utd preview – United’s acid test

Top of the league. Top of their Champions League group. Big signings are performing, goals are being gobbled up and a water tight defence. It has been so far so good for the red devils, this weekend provides the first real test of the season for a team that still has been doubted by pundits.

City had an impressive away win at Chelsea and thrashed Liverpool at home. Chelsea also won at Wembley. It’s time for Mourinho and co to provide a big performance away at their biggest foes. Last season they only registered 1 goal away from home against the other top 6 teams. This fixture last season was very disappointing at Anfield, at around the same point last season the big build up led to a drab game. With the form & confidence the team has right now they should be going to Anfield smelling blood. With Fellaini being out injured, reverting back to the 3-5-2 formation which worked so well against CSKA Moscow would be the most suitable option. Lukaku and Martial were devastating together, being supported by Mkhytaryan. Whether it is Martial or Rashford playing with Lukaku it is important that he is supported and that people are running behind him. The Super Cup provided a little insight into how the team may play against the bigger teams. 

As well as Mourinho, Lukaku has also had a successful start to the season being overshadowed due to the opposition quality. At his previous clubs he doesn’t have the best record against the top 6 teams but this is his perfect opportunity to assert hinself into the conversation of the best striker in the league. Martial and Rashford should have great opportunities to attack the full backs and create opportunities for Lukaku.

Klopp on the other side hasn’t had the best of luck recently. Mane is out for reportedly 6 weeks, and they still have problems at the back. To the fans it must seem like every shot on target is going in. The recent draws against Spartak Moscow and Burnley have left them frustrated as to why the same problems exist. It’s been 2 years since Klopp joined the club and it looks like they are only marginally better for his duration. If United are to defend deep and play on the counter attack they will need Coutinho in top form to unlock this defence. He will be the player who can dribble and create space for Firmino and Salah with Mane being injured. Firmino’s goal return has slowed down and they will need him to keep Bailly & Jones occupied. If they do their part of the job all will come down to Liverpool’s less than desirable centre back pairing. They have cost the team points domestically and in the Champions League all season, if they don’t keep their focus on Saturday they won’t have a chance. 

If United were to win it would get rid of the doubts in fans head that this great start was all down to an easy schedule. A clinical counter attacking performance seems to be the most obvious tactic which will be used. No Pogba in midfield means that there isn’t a creative centre midfielder, the onus will now be on Lukaku to deliver. For Liverpool this would be a huge win and boost for the confidence of the team. They would need this going into the game against Spurs, after these two games it will be clear where the future of the season lies for them.

Prediction 2 – 1 Man Utd win

Who do you think will win ? Are Liverpool better now then under Rodgers ?

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Grading the top Premier League strikers

Last week was a great weekend for English teams in the Premier League. Its been a while but it feels like theu are going to be a threat for the first time in 5 years. Having managers like Conte, Guardiola and Mourinho will definetly see an improvement in performances from the English teams. The great managers at the top of the league now have strong squads  that are playing really well. Chelsea were impressive becoming the first English team to win away at Atletico. Man Utd crushed CSKA Moscow in Russia, Tottenham won easily in Cyprus and Man City had a comfortable home win against Shakhtar. Liverpool were the only team to drop points last week. One of they key factors which Liverpool fans think have contributed to dropped points this season along with poor defending is the amount of missed chances from there forward line. Liverpool don’t have a striker who will score 25 league goals, they have quality attacker who will score 10-17 each. The other teams however have top strikers who will do that this season. Lukaku, Aguero, Jesus, Kane and Morata are starting and scoring regularly this season. A lot of arguments have been made on who is the best right now. Here is my own list out of the five on who is the best.

5. Jesus

As the youngest of the group right now he isn’t the guaranteed first choice striker for the club yet but his skill and finishing is impressive. 11 goals in 16 games is a great start to his career in England and it looks like he has everything to his game and Guardiola loves him. He is developing a partnership with Aguero but it looks like he will be solo upfront for the foreseeable future after his accident in Amsterdam.

4. Lukaku

Lukaku has started his new season on fire but still doesn’t get the hype he should. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have the all around game like others or most of his goals are viewed as simple goals. If this was the case everybody would be doing it, 11 goals in 10 games is a great start. When he was starting out everybody thought he would be like Drogba but the more he matures it is clear to see that they have different styles. Lukaku is a poacher and Jamie Carragher made a smart comparison to Andy Cole and van Nistelrooy which makes a lot of sense when you look at where he touches the ball on the pitch and his movement.

3. Morata

After a slow start in pre-season and their first game, Chelsea are back in their groove and that is thanks in large part to the form of Morata. He scored the winner against Atletico as the former Chelsea striker was watching in the stands. People doubted how good he is as he has never been a regular at previous clubs. However the quality is obvious to see, and his finishing with his head has been deadly. It looks like Chelsea have a potentially great striker for club and country.

2. Aguero

Before the season started he would’ve been first as he has been so good consistently. Under Guardiola he has had some difficult moments but he has come through and developed a partnership with Jesus. With all the creative midfielders behind them both strikers are going to score a bag of goals this season. They have already scored over 4 goals three times this season. 

1. Kane

It’s mad that he never scores in August. 13 goals in a month is entering stupid stays alongside Messi and Ronaldo. Consecutive golden boots and on course for number 3, he is proving every week how good he is. Maybe its because of how he looks and the facy he came in to the team later than others, many people have doubted how good he is but the numbers don’t lie. At the moment he is the hottest striker in the world and if he continues in this form into the World Cup it will be very hard for Spurs to keep him if they don’t win trophies.

What do you think of the list…

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