Intro/views as a United fan

So this is my first blog and I will mainly be writing about football. The best and most entertaining sport.  I love football and watch most premier league games on TV except for West Brom. Growing up a fan you go through every emotion and it affects your mood for the day. I remember when City won the title in 2012 on the last day of the season and I couldn’t speak for about two days, I was so shocked and depressed. Compare that to when United won the champions league in 2008 along with the Premier League that was probably the happiest I’ve felt. I went to school the next day buzzing.

As you probably see on my page I am a United fan and have been my whole life. Yes I’m from London but I don’t care I didn’t want to be a Arsenal fan like my parents and my favorite players growing up played for the United. In school I had a lot of banter with friends who were Arsenal, Chelsea & Liverpool fans. I always liked the football they played, how bad they wanted to win and the stadium. My favourite players growing up at United were Ruud vanistelrooy, David Beckham, Ronaldo, Keane, Rooney, Scholes & Giggs. You always knew that if you was losing there was a chance to get back in the game with those types of players.


But I do now realize how easy it was being a fan of United with Sir Alex Ferguson the greatest manager ever. He had a will to win which was unmatched, we was always in the title race, competitive in the Champions League & played attractive football. Sir Alex was like the boss of everything related to English football. Ever since he left, the premier league title race has had new teams and I think the quality of the league has declined. I do think it will change this season with Pep Guardiola, Klopp and Conte coming into the league however. As a United fan you also love the hate other fans have for you. Calling your team cheats, scumbags and overrated always made me laugh because I knew they were jealous and that we would win a trophy at the end of the season. This time however is over and the club has been going through tough times with 3 managers in 3 years.

I always knew it was going to be hard but I thought David Moyes was never a United manager. He’s a good manager but not for th biggest club in England. He didn’t have the right mentality and didn’t have authority over the players. A month into your reign as manager saying that we aim to be like City is just wrong. You could also see that the players didn’t respect him as they were more successful than him. He never won a trophy at Everton and you expect him to tell Ferdinand, Vidic and Rooney a way to beat Spurs at home. Something they were doing every year. I also think that the club should have backed him more in the transfer window to get his own players as he should’ve got rid of some of Sir Alex’s senior players. But I will never forgive him for getting Rooney a 5 year contract which has caused us problems until now where Mourinho has to deal with this problem. And FELLAINI


We then move on to van Gaal who was the complete opposite of Moyes but a bit to extreme. The players respected him but feared him to much to the point they weren’t playing like themselves. He was stubborn and didn’t adapt well to the league. His football was boring to the point for the first time in my life I didn’t want to watch their games. The only good thing to come out of his reign was Rashford, Martial and winning a trophy.

We now have Mourinho who honestly I didn’t want but I will give him time and hopefully we can get back to competing for the big trophies which we haven’t done for 3 years. So far it has been ok but I think once Pogba is put in his correct position he will settle in and we will have a world class midfielder. I think we need to move on from Rooney, he’s been a great player but has been declining for 4 years. It’s time for him to do what Giggs and Scholes did towards the end of their career or he has to leave as he affects everyone elses position in attack.


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