Liverpool coming up stuck 

What’s happened to Liverpool? At the start of the season they were on fire. Blowing away teams in the first half with their “gegen press” and scoring goals from all angles. Since the start of the year however they have only won one game and that was an F.A. cup replay game against Plymouth Argyle.

They were in the title race and now they are out of all competitions and are 5th looking over their shoulders. So what’s happened?

Well the obvious thing we can see is that they are not scoring as many goals. In January they averaged less than a goal per game compared to in September for example where they was scoring nearly 4 goals per game. This brings up a key point, in January they played 8 games and in September they played 4 games.

Up until the new year Liverpool were playing one game per week compared to their rivals. If you think of the way Klopp wants to play with high pressing this allows his team to be in the best position to play that game and recover properly. Klopp is not a big fan of the Christmas games and I think he knows that it’s because it affects the way his team plays more then others.

If you have watched them recently they have played twice a week because of the cup competitions and it has flecked their performance. They lost at home to Swansea and Wolves which was surprising and look really slow.

I think another thing which affects them is the fact that they rely so much on their game plan and they do not have an individual world class attacker who will guarantee them goals like a Harry Kane, Costa or Aguero. Firmino has played well but he is not a striker, Origi is not ready yet and Sturridge has been struggling in recent years to get back to his best. So they now mainly rely on Coutinho who is not a goalscorer. Mane has also been good but has been away for the African Cup of Nations so he should help now he is back.

When they are not scoring enough it can’t cover up their obvious problem at the back which has been a problem for many years. It’s incredible that they have bought so many bad defenders and goalkeepers in recent years.

Here is a list of bad signings at the back they have made since 2014 Lovren, Moreno, Sissoko, Sakho, Klavan, Bogdan and Karius. Whoever is responsible for these signings should be answering questions because that is shocking. These players have made so many individual mistakes which have cost silly points for Liverpool.

So now we will find out how good Klopp really is. At Dortmund he finished 7th in his final season after being close to relegation. It seems like he only has one way of playing which in the Premier league is hard to play for 38 games. Today they play Spurs at home in a must win game. They could be 6th by the time they kick off so it’s important they go on a run.


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