The United conundrum 

I’ve just watched my team get through to the the final of the Europa league after a 1-1 draw with Celta Vigo. Champions League could be coming back next season. We’ve won a trophy and could win another but I got to be honest I am not feeling this season at all. The performances in the last month have been terrible in my opinion and the football has been negative. This isn’t what I thought our season would turn out to be when the season started last August.

Mourinho started of the season saying all the right things and emphasising the style of play that Man Utd should be playing. However as the months went on we have seen the Mourinho from the last season at Chelsea when he was complaining, always moody and calling out players. The mood right now with the fans is weird and fans are divided about whether we have progressed as we should have thought. Most people thought that this team should be challenging for the title this season.

I feel like I’m being miserable considering we are in a final but I don’t have confidence that we will win if we play the way we did against Celta Vigo. At the start of the season when United were drawing games at home I agreed with Mourinho that the performances were good and that we were unlucky at times like against Burnley and Arsenal. But since the turn of the year I feel like I am watching van Gaal’s team from last year. Against City and Arsenal away we carried no threat and were defending so deep that we had no opportunities to get forward. Mourinho said that he will prioritise the Europa League over the league, so why not let the players be free to go forward ?

I wrote a couple months ago that United should prioritise Europe as it is our best opportunity to get back into the Champions league. It was so obvious that this team wasn’t performing well enough in the league and that Mourinho should rotate players to keep them fresh for the many matches we would have in Europe. But he didn’t and now we have a depleted team and our best defender is suspended for the final. I’m sure he could’ve seen back then that we wasn’t getting top 4. So as we move forward to the end of the season I have to say that I am not happy with the season even if we win against Ajax. All his complaining about luck and the fixture list  has also annoyed me.

If you look to our signings this season, Zlatan was great but will leave, Pogba has been good at times, Mkhytaryan has been ok and bailly has been good. There is still big investment needed in the team, as there are still players who are not good enough going forward. Fellaini continues to start even though he slows everything down, Lingard and Damian starting together on one side of the pitch which burns my soul and our strikers have been poor ever since van Persie and Rooney won the league for us in 2013. What’s going to happen with Shaw and Martial ? They were suppose to be the future left side of our team but Mourinho has criticised both for their dedication to work and understanding of tactics. 

On Sunday United will travel to White Hart Lane for a game which Mourinho will call unimportant. He will rotate the players and say it doesn’t matter what the result is. Away at the top 6 teams, United have scored 0 goals. I think losing the way we did against Arsenal is embarrassing considering their position. Tottenham are a really good team and a reminder of how our team should be playing, and I hope that we show some heart and attack even though top 4 isn’t happening. However you put it we are 6th in the table and nearly 20 points behind first place. If you was to compare this season to last season and the investments made last summer can you honestly say that the team has progressed? Even if we do get champions league football will you accept this style of play against the big teams?


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