The madness of the transfer season

The summer is finally here after 9 hard fought months where we was engrossed with drama, passion, anger and excitement. We now have entered the part of the year where the Premier league is just as mad but for different reasons. Fans will be checking their phones every minute for any rumours of transfers from anybody on Twitter which is hilarious. The money brought in through television deals has created swing in financial power for Premier league teams. The worst team in the league Sunderland earned the same amount of money in the Premier League as the Champions League winners. Shows like Sky sports have fed into the transfer season madness with dedicated reporters and shows focusing on possible transfers and gossip. This has affected the view from fans of how a clubs transfers should be done and how to be successful. Looking into the signings that have been done in the last two years it seems like the top Premier League teams have lost sight on how to successfully conduct business or now have a new model which looks to publicise all their moves. For example the West Ham owners openly explain who they are trying to sign to journalists all the time. Personally I feel it has affected the quality of the Premier League and needs to be looked at. 

Now that Premier League teams have so much money it seems like their way to negotiate is to throw money in clubs faces. Clubs around Europe understand this and therefore up the price for players. Why is it that Rakitic cost Barcelona £16 million but Wijnaldum cost Liverpool £25 million. Dybala cost €30 million and he is world class but Benteke cost £27 million. There are many other examples whereby the bottom teams in the Premier League have spent more than some Champions League teams which hasn’t equated to better quality in the Premier League. You would think that Premier League team would be much better than they are right?

Even though Leicester won the league two seasons ago the teams from 6th below understand that they have no chance to win the league or finish in the top 4. This has led to plans on how to create excitement for fans who expect mid table or lower league finishes. For example teams like West Brom, Stoke and Crystal Palace pretty much know that they wont be relegated and can’t challenge at the top. But recently they have made a few marquee signings such as Rondon, Shaqiri and Benteke. This acts as a sweet taste to otherwise predictable seasons. So there are some benefits to the money being brought into the Premier League. 

However this has created inflation to buying the real world class players. English clubs are expected to spend more when buying and now there is a situation where Sterling and Stones are worth over £40 million. If you take out Pogba, when was the last time a world class player in his prime or approaching choose an English club over Real, Barca, Bayern etc. Not many ready made world class players actually come to England by choice, it’s usually because they are surplus to requirements by the big two in Spain i.e. Ozil, Sanchez or that they are approaching their prime I.e. Suarez and Hazard in recent years. 

I would like to see Premier League teams return to spending their money wisely as it will set an example for teams lower down on setting criteria for what players are worth big money. Another point as well, teams shouldn’t be buying teams on the last day unless its an emergency like an injury to a key player. It makes clubs look unorganized when they are signing multiple players on the last day, like buying Christmas presents on Christmas eve. You should have your signings done for pre season so that managers can properly coach and work out team chemistry. Sir Alex Ferguson would always aim to do this and this was proven with team chemistry and tactics throughout the season. Jose was also the same when his Chelsea teams would win the league comfortably.  I think that these points I have made have coincided with the decline of English teams in Europe which I wrote about previously.

Do you enjoy the coverage of the transfer window ? Do you agree with my points ? How would you change the transfer window ?


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