Premier League upgrades A-Z part 2

Welcome to my blog looking on the areas of improvement needed for all 20 Premier League teams. If you have read the first part of this post I really appreciate it. Part 2 here includes the next five teams Crystal palace, Everton, Huddersfield, Leicester and Liverpool. 

Crystal Palace

Last season position – 14th

I think Crystal Palace undperformed last season with their squad talent. This obviously wasn’t helped by the situation of having a new manager. I think if they keep Zaha and Benteke their two best players they should look to add a creative midfielder. As they are mainly a counter attacking team they struggled at home to break teams down. I also think they need to sign a dominant defender to play alongside Sakho if they keep him.


Last season position – 7th

After a slow start to the season Everton ended the season pretty well. They have new owners who are willing to spend money but most of there transfer business will come down to if Lukaku and Barkley are sold. It seems like Lukaku is looking to leave so as long as they reinvest the big money on a world class striker they could be ok. The Barkley issue is a bit weird as it seems like Koeman is not really bothered if he leaves. I think Everton need another quality attacker as Bolasie is still out and another striker to support Lukaku or his replacement as they had problems finding goals from other sources. There are also rumours about Will Keane joining which would be a good signing at the back considering they have an ageing defence. I also think they need a new goalkeeper as an upgrade on their current ones.

Huddersfield Town

Last season finish – 5th in cham (playoff winners)

I think Huddersfield are the worst team in the Premier League this season. They managed to get through the playoffs but I think they should enjoy the season and hopefully get some big results as they have nothing to lose. They only scored 56 goals in 46 games last season and their top scorer Kachunga scored 13 goals. Most of their players I am not familiar so I can’t really comment to much on them however they have to get some Premier League experience and quality before the season starts.

Leicester City

Last season position – 12th

I think Leicester were brought back down to earth and reminded of where they stand in the league. Teams know their game plan and they didn’t adapt well to that. I’m not sure the caretaker manager will stay on but I think the main area to improve on is at the back. Morgan and Huth looked very old last season and I think Kante helped them a lot. I also think a creative midfielder will really help as Drinkwater and Ndidi are not the most creative. I think this will help Vardy and Slimani a lot who had to live of scraps. If this is done successfully I expect them to finish in the top half of the table now they will be playing once a week. 


Last season position – 4th

After managing to sneak into the top 4 I’m pretty sure Klopp and the Liverpool fans understand what areas need improvement. The defence needs an instant upgrade as they cost the team a lot of points. van Dijk was a target but that ended recently, someone of that quality would help. A fullback would help move Milner move into midfield and I still think they need another top striker up front. As they are now playing in Europe they should be looking to upgrade their bench as towards the end of last season their team seemed to lose their energy and quick movement which they had at the start of the season. As with Arsenal I think Lacazette up front would be perfect.


Part 3 will be coming soon. 

If you have any thoughts or comments on what you’ve read feel free to comment below.


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