Premier League upgrades A-Z part 3

Welcome to third part of my blog looking at my recommendation on signings for Premier League team. This part will look at some if the title contenders such as Man City and Man Utd as well as Newcastle, Southampton and Stoke. 

Part 1 is available here 

Part 2 is available here 

Manchester City

Last season position – 3rd

I’m not sure what to make of City’s overall season because they some really bad performances as well as some amazing ones as well. Their highs includes their performance away at United and at home against Barcelona. But they also had some terrible performances which I think all as a result of having a poor defence. For Guardiola I think it’s important that the full backs are technically and tactically great like he had at his previous teams. This want the case at City and he is already looking to improve this situation with signings. So far they have signed Bernardo Silva and the Benfica keeper Moares so they have found a solution to their goalkeeper problem. I think they need another midfielder and centre back to go straight into the team. I think the rest of the squad will improve as they have another year under Guardiola’s coaching which was provably hard in the first season. I would like to see him coach the older players into his style rather than than just sign 10 players to prove how good he is as a coach. 

Manchester United 

Last season position – 5th

As a United fan if I had to describe last season I would say it was disappointing but ok. We are back in the Champions League and won a couple of trophies. However the main problem the team had was scoring goals. 10 home draws is unacceptable, I can remember at least 7 which were stupidly given away after missing chances. If Zlatan is to leave then two strikers are needed. At the back Lindelof has signed who I don’t know much about but I’ve read good things about him. I think in midfield another signing is needed as a holding player to allow Pogba more freedom. Apart from that my main issue is if Mourinho will allow the players to use their talent to create chances. Towards the end of the season I didn’t even want to watch them because the football was so negative, winning the Europa League helped him a lot but next season this is not acceptable with all the money which has been spent.

Newcastle United 

Last season position – 1st in championship

Considering most relegated teams struggle in the championship Newcastle did well to keep most of their squad and come back up. Benitez is a really good manager and they have a a decent team already. I would look to add another striker to help Dwight Gayle and a creative midfielder. They also need a centre back as last time they were in the Premier League the defence was very leaky.  


Last season position – 8th

Even though they finished in the top half and reached the EFL cup final this Southampton team weren’t as exciting in previous seasons.  They only scored 41 goals laat season but had a solid defence which allowed for a lot of 1-0 wins. The fans weren’t happy with the style of play and they now have a new manager. At the back they are pretty solid as long as they keep key players such as Forster and van Dijk. Upfront they need to improve on creating chances. They miss the threat of Mane and need more pace. Gabbiadini looks like a decent signing so far and they need to provide more support for him. I think Gray from Leicester would baba good signing for them.

Stoke City 

Last season position – 13th

After four years Mark Hughes is still trying to move the team away from the stigma they developed under Tony Pulls. There have been some big signings like Shaqiri and Bojan who have provided different quality but the team still looks like an ageing slow team. If they want to move away from the old Stoke style they need to sign a playmaker in midfield, this would improve the team and get the best out of the key players. I also think they need an outlet out wide who can take on players like Bolasie who can then get the best out of Berahino who can be a really good player. 

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