Wenger is truly mad right now

As a United fan I don’t know how to write about this. I honestly find what’s happening at Arsenal hilarious but at the same time as a fan of football and a person I don’t like how Arsene Wenger is just looking crazy right now. He has backed some of these players to the point he has looked mad and now the players have given up on him. I wrote last season that he has protected and kept players who have done nothing for about 5 years Walcott, Gibbs, Wilshere, Chamberlain, Chambers, Koscielny etc. They have all in football terms done nothing because of injuries, lack of coaching, overrated ability or a mix of everything and still been given big contracts. After a disappointing season I feel like this is the biggest crisis I’ve seen them in and that they are in big trouble going forward.

They were horrible against Liverpool, it was maybe the worst I’ve ever seen Arsenal play, most of the players look like they didn’t give a shit in that game. Even though nothing has been reported it looks like the players don’t get on and for the first time it looks like Wenger doesn’t have control. Some of the decision making by Wenger in that game was honestly laughable, I’m starting to think Wenger is doing this on purpose because you can’t be that successful and do the things he’s doing. Playing a right back at left back when your newly signed left back who is “FIT” and “Healthy” is on the bench and playing another left back at centre back. Why was Lacazette on the bench? Can someone ask Wenger how he came to this decision? Chamberlain who also played looks like he is going to Liverpool which is funny because Wenger said he is “100% not leaving”. I think the lack of effort and arguing during the game against Liverpool must’ve made Wenger realise that it’s not worth keeping him. The same situation might apply to Sanchez who didn’t have the best attitude as well and has made it pretty obvious that he wants to leave.  It’s so typical that this is all going to happen close to transfer deadline and symbolises the lack of leadership at the club. If they really wanted to do this they should’ve done this on the 1st June and use that money to buy replacements and add extra squad players. That would’ve sent a message that this is a new start but Wenger refused to do this and their net spend is pretty much 0 now that Chamberlain is gone. By the way why was Mustafi about to be sold when the club is short on defenders? 

All of these questions Arsenal fans have and Wenger brushes it off whilst acting like the fans are in the wrong is probably what drives them crazy. His perceived arrogance has led to a broken relationship with the fans and it might’ve ruined his legacy with the fans. I think this has happened because of his relationship with senior management. It is pretty clear that the owners are not bothered about winning and see Arsenal as a cash cow. If Wenger had failed recently at any other big club he would’ve been sacked before he could make an excuse. But being a big club from London in the biggest league in the world with a manager who has guaranteed Champions League revenue is an incentive to keep the manager and stay comfortable. This culture from the top has gone all the way down to the players which is seen in the fact that young players are not reaching their potential and stagnating. 

As we enter the international break the decisions being made show that Arsene Wenger right now has lost the plot. It’s all been building up for a couple of years but now Arsenal look like they are being left behind their rivals. Wenger looks like he has overstayed his welcome, last season was the perfect time to leave after winning the F.A. cup like van Gaal. He hasn’t changed his approach which has left him behind other managers and without any push from management above him it looks like Arsenal are declining as a force. Players like van Persie, Fabregas, Adebayor, and Nasri are evidence that the current culture at the club isn’t right and isn’t designed for being successful. Two of their biggest signings recently Ozil and Sanchez are entering their final year which is amazing. I don’t know a club who have managed to do that nearly every year with their best players, I don’t get it. 

On transfer deadline day they broke another promise by agreeing to sell Sanchez because they allegedly agreed a £92 million fee for Thomas Lamar. I say allegedly because the fact they wanted him all summer but came to the agree a couple hours before the deadline so it couldn’t be completed is a pretty convenient excuse. Everything they do seems half hearted in the transfer market so I find it hard to believe that actually happened.  

Fans now have to find a way to change this. Nothing was done to address key problems the club has. I think the only way to get the attention of the owners is to boycott games. The Kroenke’s don’t attend games and don’t care about football but revenue is still going strong. If for example 25% of the stadium was empty for one game they would take notice and have to say something. The irony is that if Arsenal continue to struggle for a couple of years the revenues will decline compared to the years which they were in the Champions League, the same happened to Man Utd who are a bigger club.

What do you think is going to happen this season with Arsene Wenger ?

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