Liverpool v Man City – match preview

It’s a good thing there will be some football to talk about because the news on the transfer window is so tedious. Reporting on transfers that may or may not happen rather than the return of the league is sad but on Sunday there is another potential game of the season. Speaking of the transfer window van Dijk will be making his league debut hoping to show what an upgrade he is on his current team mates. City have only won 1 game at Anfield in the Premier League which is an amazing stat. 

Both teams are in good form and provided a great game earlier in the season until Mane was sent off. Liverpool have been active in the transfer window and even though they lost Coutinho they proved at the start of the season that they could be successful without him. They will be hoping Mane comes back into form and performs the way he did at the start of the season. Apart from missing Jesus, City have most of their starting 11 available including the team who played in midweek. 

So how do Liverpool beat City? Play exactly how they played in the reverse fixture. They were dominating City up until Mane was unfortunately sent off. They pressed City defenders and counter attacked with their wide players causing all sorts of problems. Apart from that game it’s hard to remember a time where they were really challenged defensively. It’s a testament to how good the City team are whereby they don’t really get exposed defensively even though individually they aren’t the best. If Liverpool get the ball out wide quickly to Salah and Mane they will cause any team problems. 

On the other side it will be the first big test for van Dijk as a Liverpool player. Playing against Aguero is certainly one of the harder tests you can be assigned but this what they signed him for. Defensively over the years they have shot themselves in foot with stupid mistakes which haa cost them a lot of points. Hopefully van Dijk will minimalise these mistakes and become A leader at the back which they have missed since Carragher retired. A lot of arguments have been made over whether the mistakes being made in Liverpool’s defence are individual or coaching problems which will be answered in the next few weeks. It’s important that they keep up their form and try open a gap between them and the two North London teams below them otherwise it will be hard to say they have progressed this season. 

Prediction- If you were to design a set of tactics and players to beat City you would probably create a team similar to Liverpool. Someone needs to be brave or stupid enough to think that they could go toe to toe with them. United refused to do it but Klopp will never set his team up like that. There is something to say about City’s away record at Anfield which is surprising they have played a lot of game recently. This may be the game which sees them lose their first game of the season.

Liverpool 2 – 1 Man City

Who do you think will win? Will City go unbeaten for the season? Will van Dijk be a successful signing?

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